Jan 31, 2013

JStyle Store! So many gifts!

JStyLe is one of my favorite fashion stores in SL. It has group gifts every day and the group is free to join! What's more, the gifts usually are complete avatars so they include clothes, skins, body shapes, hair and accessories! The clothes vary from girly and romantic to sexy, rock and wild.

Some past group gifts
Cool jeans
Some really cool mesh clothes
Hair Styles
Beautiful Gowns
Sexy Outfits

Alirium Gardens!

Alirium is one of my favorite places in SL. It's a beautiful sim with an amazing natural landscape divided in four sections/seasons: sping, summer, automn and winter. It is very carefully designed with gorgeous trees, flowers, butterflies, water, and sunbeams. It's definately a must-visit sim, especially for photography!
Here you can see some more of the pictures I have taken in Alirium.



First post! Yay!! My name is Nina. I registered in Second Life about a year ago and I'm really impressed from this magical world! Everyday I discover something new. I really enjoy exploring new places, shopping and taking pictures. The purpose of this blog is to share my experiences in SL, post pictures of my favourite places and of my favourite designers. As I enjoy hunting group gifts and all sorts of freebies, the majority of the items I am going to post will be free. :D