Oct 29, 2014

- To His Coy Mistress -

I'm really amazed with all the fantasy designers in Second Life, their talent, new ideas and magnificent work! Their work is impressive, especially because they bring a new perspective and bring us closer to a world we all love: the world of fantasy, fairy tales and the supernatural.
My beautiful fantasy skin, Amelia, is by Flounce and it was an exclusive release for Mystic Realms Faire. The fair is now finished but the skins will soon be available at the mainstore. Amelia is available in both natural and fantasy skintones. Personally, I prefer the fantasy line as every version is absolutely stunning and I plan to wear Amelia again! ;)
My sheer bodysuit is by Haste and is available at Tales of Fantasy. It's an adorable and really sexy bodysuit and it's available in a variety of colors. It was really hard to pick one but in the end I decided to show the black version. This round of Tales of Fantasy will soon be over. Make sure to visit it! The sim is also wonderfully designed. Even if you're not into shopping, teleport there just to have a look at the scenery. :)

The Fantasy Collective opened on October 20th. In case you haven't heard, it will now be a monthly event which is really great to know! This month The Fantasy Collective celebrates its one year anniversary so this round is a very special one. Today I'm showing the Light of Helios Necklace by Empyrian Forge. Stay tuned as I have a few more items from The Fantasy Collective to show you!

Skin & Lips: Flounce - Amelia - Fantasy Tone Nymph - Twilight with Glossy Red Lips
Face Make Up: Fable Tale - Faun War Paint V1 (at Tales of Fantasy)
Eyes: Pulcino - Glisseo - Orange (Free at RMK Gothic - Halloween Market)
Lashes: Tameless - Lashes New 35
Hair & Horns: Truth - Neria
Circlet: HopScotch - Nylee - Black
Necklace: Empyrean Forge - Light of Helios (at The Fantasy Collective)
Bodysuit: Haste - Coy - Black (at Tales of Fantasy)
Bracelets: Pure Poison - Van Bracelets
Hands & Feet by Slink
Nail Polish: Pulcino - Oops! (at RMK Gothic - Halloween Market)
Shoes: lassitude & ennui - Gothique Heels - Black/Gold
Poses & Props: Ridic - Fairy Dust (at Tales of Fantasy)



Oct 27, 2014

- Go Vintage -

Hi everyone!
Today I want to introduce a new store to my blog, Appear, as it's the first time I'm blogging one of their creations. Appear is participating at Fashion's Story Fair with some 20s & 30s creations. I'm wearing Agatha, a magnificent mesh gown with emroidered vintage patterns. Agatha is one of Appear's exclusives for Fashion's Story Fair.

My choker & bracelets are by Iron Tiger. I have this set for quite some time now as I got it at the Jewelry Fair which took place a couple of months ago. I'm really happy because I finally managed to find an outfit to match it with. :)
Last but not least, have a look at my new nail polish, Confire by Pulcino. This vintage nail polish with the black lace details can be purchased for free as it's a lucky board prize. It's available at the little shop that Pulcino has at Kiyomizu Shopping Mall.

Skin: Chickadee - Air II
Eyes: Crow - Tatiana Eyes - Glade
Lashes: Tameless - Lashes New 31
Lipstick: adored - Gummi Gloss - Skittles 1
Hair: Truth - Bianca
Dress: Appear - Agatha Dress (at Fashion's Story Fair)
Choker: Iron Tiger - Enamelled Choker - Bronze
Bracelets: Iron Tiger - Enamelled Bracelets - Bronze
Hands by Slink
Nail Polish: Pulcino - Confire (Lucky Board at Kiyomizu Shopping Mall)
Mirror & Poses: WetCat - Mirror Mirror

Sim: Wystenra


Oct 25, 2014

- Love You Like A Love Song -

Hiya everyone!
As I've already written in previous posts, this month there are so many fairs and events that are going on and I have found a lot of adorable creations to show you! I'm continuing my walk around Mystic Realms Faire and Fashion's Story Fair and here's what I have for you today!
Love Song dress and heels are exclusive releases for Fashion's Story Fair by Entice. It's a really cute and gilry formal dress which makes me feel like a princess! It's available in a variety of colors but I chose the pink one as pink is one of my favorite colors!

My adorable Key stave is by Cila and you can find it at Mystic Realms Faire. This fair ends tomorrow so if you haven't visited it, you still have time to do. My Olinda hair by Truth is also an exclusive release for Mystic Realms Faire. Such a cute hairstyle, right?
Oh and before I forget, Chickadee has released a new skin, Rinnie. Rinnie debuts the Generation 2 line of skins. The Gen 2 line features all original textures & the appliers include Slink Physique, Slink hands/feet, Wowmeh, Banned Booty, Phat Azz, Lolas Tangos, Loud Mouth, Nyam Nyam. Unfortunately the store is under construction at the moment and it will be unavailable for a while. I'll keep you updated once it opens again and can't wait to show you more Gen 2 skins! :)

Skin: Chickadee - Rinnie - Porcelain (Coming Soon)
Eyes: Crow - Tatiana Eyes - Violet (at Mystic Realms Faire)
Lashes: REDGRAVE - 41 Hollywood
Hair: Truth - Olinda (at Mystic Realms Faire)
Hair Wreath: World's End Garden - Le Jardin De La Fille
Earrings: Miwa's Airship - Heart Earrings - Silver
Dress: Entice - Love Song Dress - Pink (at Fashion's Story Fair)
Shoes: Entice - Love Song Heels - Pink (at Fashion's Story Fair)
Hands & Feet by Slink
Nail Polish: Pulcino - Love Story
Key Staves: Cila - Key To My Heart Staves - Gold (at Mystic Realms Faire)
Poses: NanTra - Spellbinder (at Mystic Realms Faire)
Sim: Alirium

Oct 24, 2014

- Bloody Vendetta -

Hi everyone!
This is a quick post as I'm in hurry. Tameless released Beatrix a while ago and I absolutely love it! It's a big hairstyle and it looks perfect with this dark sexy look. :)

Skin: 7 Deadly s{K}ins - Halloween Girl V1
Eyes: Dulce Secrets - Tempest Gold Eyes (at Designer's Showcase)
Lashes: Tameless - Lashes New 34
Hair: Tameless - Beatrix
Eye Make Up: Tori-Tastic - Valentine's Is For Vendettas (at Creepy Cutie Carnival)
Lipstick: adored - Bad Moon Rising LipsVoid & Silver (at Mystic Realms Faire)
Dress: 1 Hundred - Layered Vest Dress - Cherry (at Designer's Showcase)
Necklace: Goth1c0 - Spiked Heart Necklace - Black
Bracelets: Goth1c0 - Samantha Bracelets - Black
Hands & Feet by Slink
Nail Polish: La Boheme - French Blood Tip - Slink
Boots: Miss Canning - Sinful Boots - Black - Slink High
Pose by aDORKable

Oct 23, 2014

- Back To The 60s -

Hey everyone!
Today I wanted to do a '60s look as I found some really great retro items at Fashion's Story Fair!
All the items I'm showing from Fashion's Story Fair are new and exclusive releases.
My colorful dress and boots are by LavandaChic and they're some of my favorite items from the whole fair. The dress is available in 3 versions and a variety of color options. I picked up one of the bright colorful ones with the floral patterns as I love this color combination!
The '60s is a decade that is well known for its music and the great bands that flourished like The Beatles and The Rolling Stones. Fashiowl Poses is offering some great vinyl gachas that you should definately play!

I also want to mention my new slink appliers by La Boheme! Tracers are also inspired by the '60s and is one of the variety of sets that La Boheme is offering at Fashion's Story Fair!


Skin: Chickadee - Sera Skin - Fire II
Eyes: !Chop Shop! - Freakshow - Blue (at Mystic Realms Faire)
Lashes: REDGRAVE - Eyelashes 41 Hollywood
Hair: Truth - Sara
Dress: LavandaChic - 60s Dress 1- Yellow (at Fashion's Story Fair)
Boots: LavandaChic - 60s Boots - Yellow (at Fashion's Story Fair)
Necklace: Lumiere - Kettle Necklace
Hands by Slink
Nail Polish: La Boheme - Tracers - Slink (at Fashion's Story Fair)
Poses & Props: Fashiowl Poses - Vinyl (Gacha at Fashion's Story Fair)  
Sim: Tableau

By the way, while working on this look, I felt like I needed to listen to some great 60s music to get some inspiration. I'm sharing one of my favorite songs with you!


Oct 22, 2014

- Alice In... Creepyland -

Alice in Wonderland is a popular novel published in 1865 by Lewis Carroll. It's a novel that belongs in the ludic genre and it tells the story of a young girl  who follows a talking rabbit into a rabbit hole and finds herself into a very different world, called Wonderland. There, she meets a variety of fascinating creatures like the Mad Hatter, the Cheshire Cat, the Red Queen and the White Rabbit.
Alice in Wonderland has been one of my favorite novels and I have also seen many of its addaptions in cinema and TV. My favorite would be Disney's Alice in Wonderland and the tv series Once Upon A Time in Wonderland.
Both in real life and second life I have dressed up as Alice several times but it would always be a look of a traditional Alice (that is in a cute and girly dress in a light blue color with a white apron). However, today I have a different Alice look, a Halloween inspired one. It's still a cute and girly look but at the same time a bit scary. Most of the items I'm wearing are available at Creepy Cutie Carnival which is a fair that lasts till the 31st.


Skin: Chickadee - Sara - Earth II
Eyes: !Chop Shop! - Freakshow - Blue (at Mystic Realms Faire)
Lashes: REDGRAVE - Eyelashes 41 Hollywood
Ayashi - Keri Hair (at Creepy Cutie Carnival)
Make up Tattoos: Tori-Tastic - Cry Me A River Mascara Tears & Traces of a Good Meal Blood (at Creepy Cutie Carnival)
Dress, Stockings & Shoes: Sugar Button Boutique - Creepy Alice Dress (at Creepy Cutie Carnival)
Necklace: Frogstar - Astral Charm Necklace - Silver Moon
Rings: !NFINITY - The Purge Ring Black &Laa Dee Da Ring Black
Hands & Feet by Slink
Nail Polish: La Boheme - French Bloodied - Slink
Pose & Knife: Just Posing - Where Are You Going? (at Creepy Cutie Carnival)
Crows: Axix - Lady Crow


Oct 21, 2014

- Symphony in Nature -

The end of October is approaching soon and I'm still wandering around different fairs & events to pick up everything that I like! With the fantasy fairs that are currently on I'm so much into fantasy looks this month!
Apart from Tales of Fantasy and Mystic Realms Faire, I also visited the Vintage Fair. I found this amazing mesh gown with a transparent skirt by BSD Design Studio. It's a very elegant gown for formal occasions but with the right accessories, Shoe Diva Couture, can be worn excellently as a fantasy dress!
Alaska - The Oracle skin by Lumae is a perfect match for this dress as her pink details look so pretty! This skin is one of Lumae's exclusive releases for Mystic Realms Faire and one of my favorite fantasy skins by Lumae!

I also picked a fantasy hairstyle, Thalia by Truth which comes with a crown accessory! I love fantasy hairstyles so much and I'm so happy with Truth's latest releases. They're marvellous!
Picture This! Poses offers some fantastic poses with props at Mystic Realms Faire which can be used with both fantasy and dark fantasy looks. Today I'm showing Stirling, a set of a violin, a bow and a variety of poses. Generally, if you're into props and in specifically fantasy props, I suggest you to visit Picture This! at Mystic Realmes Faire as they've done an excellent work. I grabbed a few more props by this brand and I plan to show them in one of my next posts. I only regret that I didn't get all of the releases they offer at this event. Hahaha!
Anyway, enough with my pose addiction. Before I go back to my real life, I want to say a few things about the jewelry I'm wearing. Both the earrings and the necklace are by aisling and you can find them at Tales of Fantasy. You can get the earrings as a gacha and various versions are available. Today I'm wearing the rare version.


Skin & Lashes: Lumae - Alaska - The Oracle - Tone 2/ Cream (at Mystic Realms Faire)
Eyes: !Chop Shop! - Joy - Blue (at Mystic Realms Faire)
Hair & Crown: Truth - Thalia (at Mystic Realms Faire)
Lipstick: adored - Bad Moon Rising Lips - All That Shimmers (at Mystic Realms Faire)
Earrings: aisling - Fantasy Earrings - Yrs - Papi RARE (Gacha at Tales of Fantasy)
Necklace: aisling - Emily Necklace (at Tales of Fantasy)
Dress: BSD Design Studio - Shoe Diva Couture - Pink (at the Vintage Fair)
Hands by Slink
Nail Polish: La Boheme - Hallowmew - Slink (at Night of the Living Cart Sale)
Poses & Violin Props: Picture This! Poses - Stirling (at Mystic Realms Faire)

Oct 19, 2014

- The Sorceress -

Hi everyone!
October has been such an exciting month for blogging. There are so many events going on and I'm trying to cover as many as possible.
Today I created another fantasy look! Yeah! I'm a huge fan of fantasy so I'm so happy with all the fantasy events that are currently on!
I absolutely adore poses that come with props so naturally I was totally amazed to find Spellbinder by NanTra Poses. This Maleficent-inspired prop includes a staff and a crow and a variety of poses and mirror poses. It's available at Mystic Realms Faire.
My Baenre Dress by The Library is also available at the Mystic Realms Faire. It's a long mesh dress with a sexy and magical cleavage!

I also really like fantasy jewelry & accessories! Today I'm showing the Oriax Horns by Souzou Eien and the Anniana Rune necklace by Sad Harlekin, both of which are available at Mystic Realms Faire. My Anike Circlet and Bracelets are by Keystone and you can find them at Tales of Fantasy.



Skin & Lashes: Lumae - Eliana - Bare - Tone 2 - Cream
Eyes: MUDSKIN - Twinkle Eyes - Blue1 (at Tales of Fantasy)
Hair: Tameless - Malinda
Horns: Souzou Eien - Oriax Horns - Adorned (at Mystic Realms Faire)
Eyeshadow & Lipstick: {MUA} - Verso - MakeUp Set (at Cosmetic Fair)
Dress: The Library - Baenre Dress - Purple (at Mystic Realms Faire)
Circlet & Bracelets:  Keystone - Anike Jewelry - Gold (at Tales of Fantasy)
Necklace: Sad Harlekin - Anniana Rune necklace - Gold (at Mystic Realms Faire)
Hands & Feet by Slink
Nail Polish: {MUA} - Pearls - Slink Nails Hud (at Cosmetic Fair)
Poses, Staff & Crow: NanTra - Spellbinder (at Mystic Realms Faire)


Oct 18, 2014

- Hold That Light -

Hello my amazing readers!
If you are a fan of fantasy dress up, you'll be excited to see another fantasy post in my blog during this month!
My favorite item that I'm wearing today is Elwyn, an elven-inspired dress by *G Field*. This dress is totally mesh & I love all of its little details, like the frails, the ribbon and the belt! Elwyn is currently available at Mystic Realms Faire along with a bunch of accessories like the gorgeous Ionna circlet by Bite&Claw and the absolutely fantastic vintage Wayfinder choker by lassitude & ennui.
The Lantern staff I'm holding is by Sweet Lies Designs and you can find it at Tales of Fantasy. The theme for this round is Woodland Creatures.
 My face tattoo is by Wicked Peach & is also available at Tales of Fantasy. There are two packs of Feral tattoos & each pack contains the tattoo in several colors.
The Halloween Edition of Cosmetic Fair has also started and it runs until the end of October. Here I'm showing some exclusive releases by {MUA}: Cinthya - MakeUp Set & Haunted - Slink Nails.
Skin: 7 Deadly s{K}ins - Sascha V1 (at Feeb's Rascals)
Eyes: MUDSKIN - Twinkle Eyes - Brown 3 (at Tales of Fantasy)
Lashes: Tameless - Lashes New 29
Hair: Tableau Vivant - Cheetah Hair - Solstice
Circlet: Bite&Claw - Ionna Circlet - Gold (at Mystic Realms Faire)
Face Tattoo: Wicked Peach - Feral Pack 1 - Version 4 (at Tales of Fantasy)
Eye shadow & Lipstick: {MUA} - Cinthya - MakeUp Set (at Cosmetic Fair)
Dress: *G Field* -  Elwyn Outfit - Chestnut (at Mystic Realms Faire)
Chocker: lassitude & ennui - Wayfinder Choker - Gold (at Mystic Realms Faire)
Bracers: glYph - Fenris Bracers - Brown
Hands by Slink
Nail Polish: {MUA} - Haunted - Slink Nails (at Cosmetic Fair)
Boots: lassitude & ennui - Captain's Boots - Crimson (at Mystic Realms Faire)
Lantern Staff: Sweet Lies Designs - Acorn Lantern Fantasy (at Tales of Fantasy)
Poses: Celestics - Autumn Falls & Lovesight


Oct 15, 2014

- I Want Candy -

Hello boys & girls!
Candy Fair is closing in a few days so today I wanted to show you some more items that I really love.
It's been such a pleasant experience blogging for this sweet fair! There are so many adorable creations & I wish I had the time to show more.
Anyway, if you haven't visited, definately do so. Even if you're not interested in buying any goods, still, Candy Fair is held at an adorable sim that you should see & most of the shops have an amazing decoration!

Also, let me remind you that today is the last day for The Gathering event & you still have a few hours to visit it. Here I'm showing one of the lovely Sera gacha skins by Chickadee.


Skin: Chickadee - Sera Skin - Fire II (Gacha at The Gathering)
Eyes: Chickadee - Bloom Eyes - Seafoam
Lashes: Tameless - Lashes New 29
Hair: Truth - Tulip
Dress: So Many Styles - Cupcake Skirt - Pinky Cream (at Candy Fair)
Necklace: Frogstar - Pearl Drop Necklace - White
Hands & Feet by Slink
Nail Polish: Bella Elephante - Cuppy Cakes (at Candy Fair)
Shoes: FLG - Shoes Princess for Slink High
Poses & Lolli Props: RIDIC - Lolli Poses (at Candy Fair)

Oct 14, 2014

- Earth Warrior -

It is a truth universally acknowledged, that men & women in possession of intellect & curiosity have always been fascinated by the fantastic.
Weather it's fairies, elves, and mermaids or vampires, demons and evil royals, the fantastic, is a genre that flourished from the ancient times and continuous till today. Starting from the Gods & Goddesses of Ancient Greece, moving to the gothic literature of Mary Shelley, Ann Radcliffe & Bram Stoker & finally thinking of contemporary popular culture like Harry Potter, The Lord of The Rings, Once Upon A Time & Game of Thrones, the fantastic & the supernatural intrigue and please the public.
Second Life, as a game of virtual reality, can also recreate a world of elven forests, gothic battlefields, & fairy-tale castles. There are numerous locations based on these and many more supernatural & mythological themes.
As I said previously in my blog, this month, there are two fantasy-themed events going on: Mystic Realms Faire & Tales of Fantasy: Woodland Creatures. These fairs offer an opportunity for creators to let their imagination inspire them and for the customers to admire their stunning designs.
For this post I picked up a variety of items from both events to create a fantasy look.
Enjoy! :)


Skin: Lumae - Fable - Earth (at Mystic Realms Faire)
Eyes: MUDSKIN - Twinkle Eyes - Misc8 (at Tales of Fantasy)
Hair: Kokolores - Warrior - Ombres (at Mystic Realms Faire)
Horns: ARISE - Wild Horns - Sand Brown (at Tales of Fantasy)
Face Chain: Axix - Anivia Face Chain - Old Gold (at Tales of Fantasy)
Armor: Axix - Leonah Armor - Old Gold (at Tales of Fantasy)
Collar: Axix - Marimba Collar - Lion - Old Gold (at Mystic Realms Faire)
Pauldrons: Unrepentant - Knossos Pauldrons - Bronze
Bracelets: The Forge - Crystal Vine Bracelets (at Tales of Fantasy)
Tattoo: Vestigium - Fae Dream (at Tales of Fantasy)
Hands by Slink
Nail Polish: MUA - Shine - Slink Nails
Pose: an lar poses - Woodland Series (at Tales of Fantasy)

Oct 12, 2014

- Candy Party -

Hi everyone!
A few days ago I started my second blogging collaboration with another female blogger, Dearra Silbersztein. We did this post to show some things we got from the Candy Fair, among other creations of course. Both of us have been extremely busy in real life lately but fortunately we managed to find a convenient time for both of us to discuss about the post and and take the photos. Collaborating in blogging is a fairly new experience to me and I'm really enjoying it. Dearra is a wonderful person to work with. You can visit her blog, Little Virtual Keyhole, to get all the information about the items she's wearing and the lovely decor she set. :)

Here Dearra and I are showing one of the exclusive props for Candy Fair, Chocolate Rain, by RIDIC. This is a really sweet prop! Besides, who doesn't like chocolate? :P

My bright lipstic by MUDSKIN and slink appliers by Bella Elephante are also exclusive releases for Candy Fair. MUDSKIN's Candy Flavor Lips are available in several versions all of which contain adorable lipsticks in bright and girly colors!
In this post, I'd also like to introduce a new store, FashionQueen. This store opened a while ago in second life market and it offers a variety of clothes, shoes and accessories. Today I'm showing a pair of their shorts and a pair of heels. FashionQueen at the moment is still in the process of getting bigger so the designer is still working on her marketplace store and to find an inworld location. Stay tuned because soon I'll show you some adorable dresses by FashionQueen. ;)


Furniture/Decor & Dearra's outfit:
Her post here.

On Nina

Skin: 7 Deadly s{K}ins - Morane V1 - Ultra Rare (Gacha at Sex Sells Gacha Fair: Halloween Edition)
Eyes: Chickadee - Bloom Eyes - Seafoam
Lashes: Tameless - Lashes New 29
Hair: Moon Hair - Mirror Mirror (Group Gift)
Top: 1 Hundred - Mini Top - Violet
Pants: FashionQueen - Ripped Shorts Mesh
Hands & Feet by Slink
Medallion: Bokeh - Enchanted Medallion
Bracelets: HopScotch - Sugar Pearls - Colorful (at Candy Fair)
Ring: Fetch - Ring Lolli - Purple (at Candy Fair)

Lipstick: Mudskin - Candy Flavor Lips Bundle - Pale - Retro Apricot Glossy (at Candy Fair)
Nail Polish: Bella Elephante - Cotton Candy (at Candy Fair)

Shoes: FashionQueen - Slink High Shoes - Pink
Poses & Chocolate Props: RIDIC - Chocolate Rain & Death by Chocolate (at Candy Fair)


- Once Upon A Time -

Hi everyone!
The Mystic Realms Faire opened a few days ago! I'm so excited about that. It's a fashion fair for all of us fantasy lovers! Mystic Realms Faire consists of two sims and more than 100 designers are participating. You can find clothes, skins, make up, hair, poses, accessories and much more! Fairies, mermaids, elves, witches, creatures of the night and the sky are only some of the creations that are available at Mystic Realms Faire!
There are so many items I want to show you as there are some fabulous creations available there!
The first item I want to show you is Mitsuku by FuubutsuDou. This is a new store to me that I discovered while blogging for Mystic Realms Faire. Mitsuku is one of my favorite items at this fair! It's an adorable creations in pastel colors and I'm wearing the complete set which consists of the bikini (with accessories), the crown and the scepter.
My necklace & heels are by lassitude & ennui and they are some of its exclusive releases for Mystic Realms Faire. Both of them are available in several colors and can be matched either with heavenly looks (like this one) or dark/gothic ones.

ANGELICA is also offering a very sweet exclusive for Mystic Realms Faire: the adorable Violet in Dolly version. It's a pale, young and innocent skin with juicy lips. A variety of eyebrows for Violet are also available in pastel and bright colors.
My very long wavy Mermaid hair is by Ayashi. Ayashi is offering some fantastic hairstyles for this event and I can't wait to show you more of them! <3

My horns and tail are by Cubic Cherry Kre-ations. These are two very dreamy designs and I absolutely adore the lovely moon that is attached on my horns! :)
All of the poses I have used for today's post are by a new pose store, Celestics. Celestics is a small store at the moment and a very promising one as all of their poses are very creative and they look great with fantasy looks! As it's a new store, Celestics is offering a bunch of promos and dollarbies! Yay! :)

Finally, I want to remind you that Candy Fair is still on. Today I'm showing Dot Dot Dotsy slink appliers by Bella Elephante! <3 

Skin: (*ANGELICA) - Violet - Dolly (at Mystic Realms Faire)
Eyebrows: (*ANGELICA) - Violet Eyebrows - Bublegum Light (at Mystic Realms Faire)
Eyes: Crow - Tatiana Eyes - Rose  (at Mystic Realms Faire)
Lashes: Tameless - Lashes New 33
Hair: Ayashi - Mermaid Hair (at Mystic Realms Faire)
Horns: Cubic Cherry Kre-ations - Captive Moon - White Wood - Horns (at Mystic Realms Faire)
Tail: Cubic Cherry Kre-ations - Captive Stars - Day - Tail (at Mystic Realms Faire)
Outfit & Accessories: FuubutsuDou - Mitsuko - Complete Set (at Mystic Realms Faire)
Necklace: lassitude & ennui - Bird of Prey Necklace - Gold (at Mystic Realm Faire)
Upper Arm Jewelry: Feel - Diamond & Crystal BodyJewelry - Upper Arm
Hands & Feet by Slink
Nail Polish: Bella Elephante - Dot Dot Dotsy (at Candy Fair)
Shoes: lassitude & ennui - Gothique Heels - Princess/Gold (at Mystic Realms Faire)
Poses: Celestics - Lovesight, Nighttime Wisper, Enchanted Transformation

Sim: Intro

Oct 11, 2014

- Woodland Lady -

Hiya fashionistas!
For all of you who love to role play or to just dress up in fantasy looks, this must be an amazing month! Why? Because two fantasy events are talking place: Mystic Realms Fair & Tales of Fantasy.
I used to role play in the past but not any more. However, I still absolutely adore to create fantasy looks and visit fantasy sims!
Today I prepared a post for Tales of Fantasy. This round opens to the public on 13th October and it runs until 3rd November. The last round was a bit dark and gothic as the theme was Men & Women of War. This round is more natural and earthy as the theme is Woodland Creatures. The items for this round are discount and gacha machines are also available.
For my first post of Woodland Creatures, I picked up my favorite item, which is the unique Galadriel by Luas, an elven-inspired dress with accessories. Galadriel is a gacha and includes 6 commons (dresses in 6 colors) and two rares (one rare includes the accessories and the other rare includes the dress with hud in pale colors). 
As I said, Galadriel is my favorite item for this round of Tales of Fantasy and I simply couldn't wait to show it. Soon I'll show you more creations that are availabgle in this awesome fantasy event!

My skin, Morane, by 7 Deadly s{K}ins is also a gacha item and is available at Sex Sells Gacha Fair. Morane is available in several common versions, one rare & one ultra rare. Today I'm showing the rare version.

As I'm inspired by the theme of Woodland Creatures, I'm wearing the slink appliers by La Boheme, Autumn Blossom. This earthy nail polish is the exclusive hunt prize for Falling Into Autumn 2 Hunt. The prize includes two different nail polishes. Simply go at the mainstore, find the hidden icon and buy it for 0L. :)

Skin: 7 Deadly s{K}ins - Morane V2 - RARE (Gacha at Sex Sells Gacha Fair: Halloween Edition)
Eyes: Chickadee - Bloom Eyes - Seafoam
Lashes: Tameless - Lashes New 33
Hair: Magika - Wait
Hands & Feet by Slink
Dress, Cloak, Crown, Collar & Bracers: Luas - Galadriel - Teal & Rare Accessories (Gacha at Tales of Fantasy)
Shoes: Cubic Cherry Kre-ations - Wooden Platforms - Gold
Nail Polish: La Boheme - Autumn Blossom - Slink Manicure & Pedicure (Hunt Prize for Falling Into Autumn 2)
Poses: Starry Heaven - Rina & Reina