Oct 31, 2015

- Sweet Darling -

Hey everyone!

I know I blogged a look a few hours ago but here I am again with another post!

I will not show you some more new releases but rather, the items I'm featuring, were released a few months ago, in particular, in August. I had taken these pictures back then but due to some Real Life issues, I was unable to complete and publish my post. Today I had some free time, so I thought, why not completing the post? After all, I'm featuring some really adorable items. Giannini Dress is by Modern Couture and it was an exclusive release for The Instruments, August round. It's available in several fabric options. I'm wearing Rose, simly because I love the combination of pink, purple and yellow. And of course, I adore everything pink! Total pink girl here!
I'm also showing Shaylee hair by Truth. Isn't she the sweetest? So serene and curly! I simply love Truth Hair! <3

Skin & Appliers: 7 Deadly s{K}ins - Savanah V1
Mesh Body, Hands by Slink
Eyes: Dulce Secrets - Vanilla Soul Eyes
Lashes: Oceane - Frizz Mesh Lashes
Hair: Truth - Shaylee
Nail Polish: La Boheme - Parissa Gold
Gown: Modern Couture - Gianini Dress - Rose
Necklace: E C R U - Althea Necklace Gold
Poses: MUA - Turn

Piano: Kaerri - Garden Piano
Vase: Kaerri - Floral Table Vase
Sim: Ippos

- N <3


- The White Witch -

All of us Second Life residents are in a Halloween mood this month. Thanks to the awesome designers, we can dress up and go partying. Luas, Ayashi & Lumae are celebrating Halloween with some new releases which you can see here. I especially love Luas' Midnight Gown. I'm wearing the white version but it's available in more fabric options, from dark to bright ones. The gloves are part of the outfit. So, lovely, aren't they?

Speaking of lovely, look at this new halo by Souzou Eien! So pure & soft. It will be available at the Fantasy Gacha Carnival which will be here in 6 days! I'm wearing one of the RARE versions  and in my upcoming posts I'll show you more of it. :)

Skin: Lumae - Niska - Varda - Midian NEW
Mesh Body & Hands by Slink
Eyes: Mudskin - Twinkle Eyes - Grey 3
Lashes: Oceane - Alluring Mesh Lashes NEW
Hair: Ayashi - Stella (at Wayward Halloween) NEW
Ears: Mandala - Fantasy Elf Ears
Halo: ~*Souzou Eien*~ - Choir of Angels - Powers Halo - RARE (at The Fantasy Gacha Carnival) NEW
Dress & Gloves: Luas - Midnight Gown (at The Fantasy Collective) NEW
Tattoo: White Widow - Desperado
Poses & Wand: Fashiowl Poses - Witch Spellwand NEW
Sim: The Outer Garden

- N <3


Oct 30, 2015

- Colours of Autumn -

Miwa's Airship released  some really cute clothes and accessories this month for Shiny Shabby & Sanarae: the Soft Breeze Dress and the Magic Cat Platforms & Backpacks. All of them are available as gachas so it's time to go play! The dress, platforms & backpack are available in different colour combinations and I chose to show a version of autumn colors. :) 
Speaking of autumn, The Seasons Story is currently on and Ayashi is participating with a really sweet hairstyle, Nita. <3

As for the autumn frame I am standing in front of, it's a new prop by ::WetCat::. It's beautiful, isn't it? The wall includes a variety of paintings and a bunch of poses!
Last but not least, alaskametro released some new nail appliers as a gacha at anyBODY. You can find 12 color combinations and there are also two mystery prizes which you might win after ten plays. :)

Skin: Mother Goose's - SooJi LB (Lucky Board)
Mesh Hands by Slink
Eyes: Dulce Secrets - Revenant Gold Eyes NEW
Lashes: Oceane - Real Mesh Lashes NEW
Hair: Ayashi - Nita (at The Seasons Story) NEW
Nail Polish: alaskametro - Inversion - Gold RARE (Gacha at anyBODY) NEW
Dress: Miwa's Airship - Soft Breeze Dress #6 Black (Gacha at Shiny Shabby) NEW
Platforms & Backpack: Miwa's Airship - Magic Cat Set - Platforms #9 & Backpack 1 RARE (Gacha at Sanarae) NEW
Pose 1: Black Tulip - Standing #2 (Prize for The Photographers Hunt) NEW
Pose 2: ::WetCat:: - Season Frame - Autumn NEW
Sim: Ippos

- N <3

Oct 29, 2015

- Skull & Roses -

The Pastel Goth Fair is almost coming to its end & I simply can't get enough of Venus, the new skin by 7 Deadly s{K}ins. So far, I've shown several versions of Venus in my last few posts and here is another one!
Today's post is more revealing than usual and this is because I got a new fantastic tatto by {MUA}, which is also available at The Pastel Goth Fair. Corset really adds some magic to this picture! {MUA} is known for its fantasic make-ups, serene nail appliers and stunning poses. Corset is one of {MUA}'s first body tattoos and I really hope more will follow.

Truth released a new hairstyle this month, Ryleigh. I absolutely love its length and the cute curles! I feel mystified with such beauty!
Finally, since I'm in a Halloween mood these days, I though I'd add some Halloween themed details to finish this look. Ophelia Wreath by Persefona is available at Mad Circus & it rocks! I matched it with the Skull & Roses necklace by 22769, which I have in my inventory many months now. Look at how the roses and the skull are all wrapped up into one piece, in both of these accessories!

Skin & Appliers: 7 Deadly s{K}ins - Venus V1 - Pastel v1b (at Pastel Goth Fair) NEW
Mesh Body & Hands by Slink
Eyes: Dulce Secrets - Obsidian Terra Firma Eyes
Lashes: Oceane - Alluring Mesh Lashes NEW
Hair: Truth - Ryleigh - Light Browns NEW
Ears: Mandala - Fantasy Elf Ears
Wreath: Persefona - Ophelia Wreath - Black (at Mad Circus) NEW
Necklace: 22769 ~[accessories]~ - Skull and Roses Necklace - Black
Face Tattoo: La Boheme - Organic Tribals Set 6 - Face 5 - 60% NEW

Body Tattoo: MUA - Corset (at Pastel Goth Fair)NEW
Nail Polish: La Boheme - Drusilla - Omni Set (Prize for Good Reads - Literary Classics Hunt) NEW
Thongs: Cannibelle - Nylon Thongs - Black
Pose 1: NanTra - Phoenix
Pose 2: {xoxo} - Hope Set (Prize for The Photographers' Hunt) NEW
Sim: Ippos

- N <3


Oct 28, 2015

- Cracked Doll -

It's the month of Halloween! Yay! Time to put on some scary costumes and face paints!
CottonCANDYmonsteR has released the new Dementia Doll as an exclusive release for Premium Only Event. This is a complete outfit which consists of clothes, accessories and make up!
I matched this creepie cutie with Maya Hair by Ayashi and Venus by 7 Deadly s{K}ins, both of which are available at the Pastel Goth Fair!
The cute camaleons which accompany me are a new release by Fashiowl and you can find them at the Freak Show Gacha Carnival!

Here you can see a close up of Venus without the Dementia Doll make up.


Skin: 7 Deadly s{K}ins - Venus V1 Drow (at Pastel Goth Fair) NEW
Mesh Hands by Slink
Eyes: Dulce Secrets - Revenant Carmine Eyes NEW
Lashes: Oceane - Doll Curl Mesh Lashes NEW
Hair: Ayashi - Maya (at Pastel Goth Fair) NEW
Nail Polish: La Boheme - Nightmare Silver - OMNI Set ( Free Prize for Spookify Your Body Hunt) NEW
Complete Outfit, Make Up & Tattoos: CottonCANDYmonsteR - Dementia Doll - Swamp Doll (at Premium Only Event) NEW
Chocker: {.::GFD::.} - My Chocker Occulto - Shadow (at Sanarae Event) NEW
Poses: Fashiowl Poses - Freak Camaleon Gacha (at Freak Show Gacha Carnival) NEW

Tombstones: ~*Souzou Eien*~ - Samhain Cemetery Gacha NEW
Sim: Image Essentials

- N <3


Oct 27, 2015

- Dark Venus -



Skin & Appliers: 7 Deadly s{K}ins - Venus V1 - Pastel v3b (at Pastel Goth Fair) NEW
Mesh Body, Hands & Feet by Slink
Eyes: Dulce Secrets - Revenant Kohl Eyes NEW
Lashes: Oceane - Modest Mesh Lashes NEW
Hair: [RunAway] - Lory - Ombres & Roots (at We <3 RP) NEW
Ears: Mandala - Fantasy Elf Ears
Face Tattoo: La Boheme - Face paint - Samhain Diadem - Obsidian (at We <3 RP) NEW
Arms Tattoo: DATUM - XXX 88
Body Tattoo: Masoom - Be Mine
Nail Polish: Pulcino - Critter (Lucky Board) NEW
Top & Thong: Luas - Akemi Armor - BlackNEW
Legwraps: Luas - Aixa Legrwaps - Black (25L Tuesday exclusive) NEW
Poses: [an lar] poses - The Polished Series NEW
Sim: The Looking Glass

- N <3


Oct 6, 2015

- White Dreams -


Dream, dream, dream, dream
Dream, dream, dream, dream
When I want you in my arms
When I want you and all your charms
Whenever I want you, all I have to do is
Dream, dream, dream, dream
- Everly Brothers


Skin & Appliers: 7 Deadly s{K}ins - Paisley v1 NEW
Mesh Body & Hands by Slink
Ears: Mandala - Fantasy Elf Ears
Eyes: Dulce Secrets: Loam Terra Firma Eyes
Lashes: Oceane - Bold Effect Mesh Lashes NEW
Hair: Truth - Emerson - Pastels NEW
Headband: Bokeh - Zelda Pearl Headband
Necklace: Bliensen + MaiTai - La Fanette - Necklace White Opal - Gold
Dress: AZUL - Luana - Peridot (Limited Edition)NEW
Nail Polish: {MUA} - Vintage NEW
Poses: [an lar] poses - The Naken Series NEW

- N <3