Nov 28, 2014

- The Frozzen Fair -

December will be a very busy month! Most of the designers work hard to prepare a variety of holiday themed creations and there's a bunch of holiday events as well.
One of these events is The Frozzen Fair. It starts on December 1st until 15th. As a blogger, I have the chance to get a preview and I can tell you that it's going to be a fantastic event! The theme is Ice Color, Winter, Snow, Red, Green, Christmas, generally anything December related. There are more than 100 stores participating and you can find all kinds of creations: clothes, shoes, poses, skins, accessories, furniture, etc. Each designer has created 1 or 2 exclusive items for this fair based on this theme. I had a sneak peak already and I can tell you that they have done a really good job. ;)
Before I forget, I should also mention that there will also be free gifts. In fact, every store will have 1 gift/dollarbie!!!!! Amazing, right? This means you'll get about 100 (nearly) free new items! The gifts are very easy to find as all of them are in a similar box. Simply visit all the stores in the sim, locate the box and grab it for free or for 1L.
Anyway, that's all for now. I'll soon post again about The Frozzen Fair, this time with photos of the exclusive releases. :)
For more information, please check The Event and Hunts Forever Planners' website, they are the ones who organize this event.


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