Nov 30, 2015

- Just Darling -

Milk Tea released a few days ago an adorable set of panties and stockings, named Just Darling. It's indeed a true darling! My very long fantasy hair, Cathy is the latest release by RunAway and you can find it at The Fantasy Collective. Taking into consideration that I'm not wearing a top, Cathy is very convenient to be a bit decent but to also show my new Pearls and Lace Tattoo by Carol G! :)


Skin: WoW Skins - Mya Milk Natural
Mesh Body: Maitreya - Lara
Eyes: Dulce Secrets - Towhee Terra Firma Eyes
Lashes: Tameless - Lashes New 29
Ears: Mandala - Fantasy Elf Ears
Hair: RunAway - Cathy - Pastels (at The Fantasy Collective) NEW
Jewelery: Glitzz - Zania Jewel NEW
Tattoo: Carol G. Tattoo Wear - Pearls and Lace White (at Premium Only Event) NEW
Panties & Stockings: Milk Tea - Just Darling - Mint - Plain (20Twenty exclusive) NEW
Nail Polish: La Boheme - Ombre Glossy Set 3 Pink (at the Cosmetic Fair) NEW
Poses: an lar [poses] - The Odette Series (at Wayward Market) NEW
Sim: The Outer Garden

- N <3


Nov 29, 2015

- Mechanical Lady -


Cila released the new set of Mechanical Wings for this round of the The Secret Affair. It's an incredible set of steampunk/dark fantasy wings and it's available as a gacha! They look so cool with the new silks by Luas and the latest jewelry set by Glitzz! I'm also showing some new releases 7 Deadly s{K}ins, La Boheme, an lar [poses], and Ayashi

Skin: 7 Deadly s{K}ins - Rainbow Red Apricot (at the Cosmetic Fair) NEW
Mesh Body: Maitreya - Lara
Ears: Mandala - Steking Ears Season 5
Eyes: !Chop Shop! - Bizerk Eyes - Gold
Hair: Ayashi - Freya (at We <3 RP) NEW
Face Tattoo: La Boheme - Face Paint - Mehndi Mask 1 Gray 60% (at We <3 RP) NEW
Body Tattoo: Carol G. Tattoo Wear - Element Tattoo
Nail Polish: La Boheme - Crayons - OMNI Set (Dirty Turkey Hunt Prize) NEW
Jewelry: Glitzz - Connect Jewelry - Gold (at Cosmopolitan) NEW
Outfit: Luas - Soraya Silks Blue NEW
Wings: Cila - Mechanical Wings 06 (at The Secret Affair) NEW
Pose: an lar [poses] - The Neverland Series (at Enchantment) NEW
Sim: The Looking Glass

- N <3


Nov 24, 2015

- Let Me Sparkle -

Hello again! Didn't I tell you in my previous post that I have another look to show you today? Well, here I am, all sparkling and shining! :)
LIZIAHH is a new to me store and I got the chance to know it by finding the outstanding Mesh Avantgarde Gown I'm wearing at Designer Showcace. Both the design and the texture are incredible! Definately a must have! It's available in a lot of colors. I chose Lilac as it lookes great with the purple crystal I'm holding. This cutie is a collaboration by Miwa's Airship and Nomore and you find it at We <3 RP.

Here I'm wearing my LeLutka head and Maitreya body again and I wanted to show their natural skin by Glam Affair rather than wearing another skin applier. It's so pretty, isn't it? This skin tone looks particularly delicate and aethereal with Rayne jewelery by Bauhaus Movement, available at KIRA KIRA and some of the latest make up appliers by {MUA}: Let Me Shine lipstick at Cosmetic Fair and Leaves eyeshadow. Look how my face is sparkiling! So beautiful, don't you think? <3 Below I included the vendor pics of {MUA}'s make up and La Boheme's nail polish so you can see all the colors that are included in the huds.


Mesh Head: LeLutka - Stella
Mesh Body: Maitreya - Lara
Ears: Mandala - Steking Ears Season 5
Eyes: Dulce Secrets - Raven Terra Firma Eyes
Eye shadow: {MUA} - Leaves - Indian NEW
Lipstick: {MUA} - Let Me Shine - Vamp (at the Cosmetic Fair) NEW
Nail Polish: La Boheme - Ombre Glass Set 3 Pink (at the Cosmetic Fair) NEW
Hair: Moon - Echoes - Roots & Ombres
Face Jewelery: Bauhaus Movement - Rayne - Viola (at KIRA KIRA) NEW
Dress: LIZIAAH - Mesh Avantgarde Gown - Lilac (at Designer Showcase) NEW
Tattoo: Carol G. Tattoo Wear - Mystical
Crystal & Poses: Miwa's Airship & Nomore - Crystal Pose (at We <3 RP) NEW
Sim: The Outer Garden

- N <3

- Charlotte -

Hello everyone!
Lots of events are currrently on Second Life and I have so much to show you. I was meant to publish this post yesterday but RL emergency happened so I'm publishing this today and I have another post coming in a while. So stay tunned!
Anyway, let's see... As I told you in my latest post, voting has started for this year's Fashion Awards and Truth is nominated as Favorite Female Hair Designer and Favorite Male Hair Designer. Here I'm wearing some releases by more brands that are nominated. :)
My dress is by Snowpaws and you can find it at Designer Showcase which is nominated as a Favorite Fashion Event. Snowpasws is also nominated in these categories: Favorite FemaleFashion Accessories, Favorite Women's Casual Apparel, and Favorite Women's Formal Apparel.

My skin is by 7 Deadly s{Ki}ins and the designer Izara Zuta is nominated as Favorite Female Skin Designer, Favorite Cosmetics Designer and Favorite Male Skin Designer.
My lipstick is by {MUA}and Shanty Bookmite is nominated as Favorite Cosmetics Designer.

Here I included another photo to show you my skin without the make up and below you can see a pic of {MUA}'s lipstick to get an idea of the appliers that come with it.

You can vote for the Fashion Awards by clicking here. :)

Skin: 7 Deadly s{K}ins - Estelle - v3 - Pineapple (at Lubbly Jubblies) NEW
Mesh Body, Hands & Feet by Slink
Ears: Mandala - Steking Ears Season 5
Eyes: !Chop Shop! - Batty Red Eyes
Lashes: Oceane - Fun Feather Mesh Lashes 18 RARE (at Jackpot Gacha) NEW
Lipstick: {MUA} - Pure Black (Gift) NEW
Hair: Truth - Ximena - Reds NEW
Dress: Snowpaws - Charlotte Dress - Black Lace (at Designer Showcase) NEW
Wings: Glitzz - Dark Queen Wings - Black (at Premium OnlyNEW
Necklace & Earrings: Indulge Temptation - Majestique - Set 1 NEW
Shoes: ZOZ - Maui - Black
Poses: Vestige - Zayra 2
Sim: The Looking Glass

- N <3


Nov 19, 2015

- Twinkle Twinkle Little Lollipop -

The new event KIRA KIRA: Twinkle Star Party has been with us a few days now and the designers have immersed us into a party of beauty and creativity. I couldn't be more excited! Nomore has made an adorable series of poses with a twinkle star lollipop! Cila, amiable, miwa's airship and 2PM have created some very warm releases which look great together but you can also mix and match them according to your own taste and style. My skin is by Saraan and it's one of the few skins that you can find at KIRA KIRA. I'm a skin addict and as I told you in a previous post, I'm super happy as I found many lovely skins there!

My hair is one of Truth's latest releases. Truth has been nominated in this year's Fashion Awards in 2 categories: Favorite Female Hair Designer and Favorite Male Hair Designer. If you love Truth Hair and you'd like to vote for him you can do this by going here.
Last but not least, have a look at Hello Dave's mainstore. You can find a bunch of new nail appliers like the Frosty Berry Gloss I'm showing here!

Skin: Saraan - Yubi Skin - RARE 2 (at KIRA KIRA) NEW
Eyes: Dulce Secrets - Quetzal Terra Firma Eyes
Lashes: Tameless - Lashes New 30
Ears: Mandala - Steking Ears Season 5
Hands by Slink
Hair: Truth - Maren - Light Blondes NEW
Hat: Cila - Woolen Hat Rose Milktea (at KIRA KIRA) NEW
Outfit:{amiable} - Glitter Sweater and Frilled Short Skirt (at KIRA KIRA) NEW
Handbag: miwa's airship - Candy Bag # RARE (at KIRA KIRA) NEW
Nail Polish: Hello Dave - Frosty Berry Gloss NEW
Shoes: 2PM - Kirakira Boots - RARE (at KIRA KIRA) NEW
Props & Poses: Nomore - Twinkle Twinkle Lollipop (at KIRA KIRA) NEW
Sim: Intro

- N <3


Nov 17, 2015

- Second Life Fashion Addiction: Mesh Head -

The last few months have been quite busy for me. A lot of things are going on in my real life and it's a time for decisions and changes. Yet, no matter how busy I am, I still find time to be in Second. Life as I really enjoy it! I like exploring sims, going shopping and chatting with friends. Of course, my favourite thing to do in Second Life has always been this: playing around with my avatar's look, taking pictures of this look, editing them and posting them on my flickr and my blog.
The last few months I've been experimenting a lot with my appearance. I wear fantasy skins more often, I try on tattoos and face tattoos, and wearing more revealing outfits. All these mean that when I take my photos I pay more attention to how my body and face looks.

I know that saying "my body and face" might sound a bit odd as it's in fact an avatar's face and body in a virtual world. But as I said, I've always enjoyed playing around with my avatar's look. When I first joined Second Life in 2012 "playing with my avatar's look" meant to change my avatar's clothes, shoes, accessories, make up and hair. Initially I was reluctunt to change my skin. To me, skin was something more natural, something that you can't change in real life. Thus I felt that when I was changing a skin or I was wearing a darker skin in SL (I'm very pale in RL), I wasn't really "me". Again this sounds a bit odd as again "me" is in fact an avatar. Anyway, as I became more interested in SL fashion I gradually started changing skins as well as eyes and lashes.

 At some point the mesh body parts made their appearance. At first I was skeptical towards them but as I became more addicted in Second Life fashion and as I was seeing mesh body parts in the photos of more and more bloggers I became attracted to them. So gradually within a year more or less I purchased Slink hands, Slink feet, Slink Physique, and mesh ears by Mandala. With all these mesh parts my avatar's appearance has dramatically changed. Yet by having the same body shape and thus the same face I reassured myself that it's still "me". At some point I played a bit with my appearance by changing my body shape with another one. I even took pictures but the last minute I decided not to publish them. Why? Because with a different face I felt that it's not really "me".

Anyway, as the mesh body part addiction flourished more and more in Second Life, mesh heads made their appearance and as time went by I could see them more and more worn by other SL residents, bloggers and photographers. So slowly but gradually I became a member of the new addiction in SL fashion called Mesh Heads.
In April 2015 I showed in my blog for the first time a mesh head: Miemie, a collaboration by Cila & Nomi. Throughout these months I've been trying several mesh heads. And then finally last week I decided it was time to buy one. I chose LeLutka because I really love the expressions and it also fits perfect with my new mesh body by Maitreya which I purchased earlier this month. I tried all of LeLutka's mesh heads again and again and again and it took me an entire day to decide which one to pick. Finally I decided that Stella is my favorite. I really love the shape of her face with the elegant angles.

So, here I am! The new Nina. It will take me some time to get used to my new face but so far I'm really enjoying it. I'm sure though that from time to time I will go back to my original face, especially whenever I want to feel more like "myself". I mean, hey! I can't forget this cutie! :P

Mesh Head: LeLutka - Stella
Mesh Body: Maitreya - Lara
Skin: Lumae - Niska - 2 - Satin// Pumkin NEW
Eyes: !Chop Shop! - Jaded Blue Dark Eyes
Hair: [RunAway] - Nadya - Ombres & Roots (at Hairology) NEW
Nose Piercing: {MUA} - Nose Piercing - Black (Gift) NEW
Top: Truth - Lush Sweater NEW
Pose: Fashiowl Poses - Model Pack - Sophie NEW
Sim: Izzie's
- N <3


Nov 14, 2015

::KIRA KIRA - Twinkle Star Party::

Hello everyone!
A new event called KIRA KIRA - Twinkle Star Party opend its doors a few hours ago. A list of fantastic creators partipate and you can find there everything you can imagine: clothes, lingerie, skins, make up, hair, accessories, poses, decor, etc. All of them have the same theme: stars, sparkles and glitter. The entire week I was having sneak peaks of the exlusives and I am really amazed by them! The designers have done an amazing job and I'm sure KIRA KIRA will be a very successful venue!
So, let's start with Starlight, a really sexy lingerie set by Milk Tea. It comes in a variety of colors and it's covered by cute little stars which match perfect my Magica NecklaceAltair's contribution for KIRA KIRA. Such a lovely necklace, don't you think?

You can also find at KIRA KIRA a bunch of brilliant skins. Today I'm showing Love Spark in Champagne, an Applier for LeLutka Heads (yes! I got a mesh head! A big change for me. I'm planning to write a post about that, so stay tuned.) by [theSkinnery]. I am so excited wearing this brilliant skin! I love it! The sparkling eye make up is to die for! Go get it!

Mesh Head: LeLutka - Stella
Mesh Body: Maitreya - Lara
Ears: Mandala - Steking Ears Season 5
Skin (LeLutka Applier): [theSkinnery] - Love Spark (at KIRA KIRA) NEW
Skin (Maitreya Applier): [theSkinnery] - Champagne
Hair: Ayashi - Jeni (at Hairology) NEW
Hair Accessory: [Glitzz] - Spain Hair Comb (at Cosmopolitan) NEW
Necklace: ALTAIR - Magica Necklace - Black (at KIRA KIRA) NEW
Lingerie: Milk Tea - Starlight - Dark Night (at KIRA KIRA) NEW
Tights: Milk Tea - Morrigan's Halfsies - Black NEW
Tattoo: Carol G. Tattoo Wear - Belly Heart
Nail Polish: alaskametro - Metallic Pack - Classics/Gold
Poses: Fashiowl Poses - Freak Diva Gacha - Vanity Glam - ULTRARARE NEW

- N <3


Nov 11, 2015

- Nimue -

On Halloween day Truth released Morgana hair, which is split into two for mix/matching & comes with 12 additional fantasy colors, included in every color HUD. I simply love this greenish/yellowish colour. Look how it fades away. So magical! A total fan here! Not to mention that this hair color looks FANTASTIC with Aegean, the new fantasy skin line by Lumae from We <3 RP and the new eye pallette by !Chop Shop! from The Thrift Shop! The pose I'm using is by NanikA and it was perhaps the best pose I found to show my new hair and skin. It's ethereal, sensual and it really pays attention to the female curves.
[MUSE] is participating at this round of Fair Play with a new jewelery set, Evil Eye. Here I'm wearing the chocker. I'm also showing Glitzz's Willa Tiara, which I'm sure you have already seen it in other blogs. It's now available at their mainstore. Adorable, isn't it?
Finally I finished my look with a new sexy tattoo by Carol G. and some cools cosmetics by La Boheme. I'm attaching the vendor pics below so can see the entire HUD combinations. :)
I'm one happy little sea lady!

Skin & Ears: Lumae - Niska - Aegean - Bare & Leevi Long Ears (at We <3 RP) NEW
Mesh Body: Maitreya - Lara
Eyes: !Chop Shop! - Pallette Challenge - The Tide (at The Thrift Shop) NEW
Lashes: Oceane - Alluring Mesh Lashes
Eye Shadow: La Boheme - Glamour Eyes - Circe Set 3 - 10 (at We <3 RP) NEW
Brows: La Boheme - Glamour Brows - Brow Set 2 - Strong - Black (at The Cosmetic Fair/Opens Nov 15th)) NEW
Hair: Truth - Morgana NEW
Tiara: Glitzz - Willa Tiara NEW
Chocker: [MUSE] - Evil Eye Victorian Chocker (at Fair Play) NEW
Tattoo: Carol G. Tattoo Wear - Lotus Black NEW

Scythe: Siren's Call - Scythe Sea RARE
Pose: .::NanikA::. - Portrait Poses Set NEW

Sim: Sylpha

- N <3

Nov 9, 2015

- Olympus Goddess -


Luas created two new glorious outfits for this round of The Fantasy Gacha Carnival. Today I'm showing one of them, the Olympus Gacha. The dress comes in a variety of different colors and the accessories in either gold or silver. This outfit will definately make you feel like an Ancient Greek Goddess!
My delicate and cute ponytail is by [RunAway]. You can find it at We <3 RP and it's 25% off. :)

I finished my goddess look with Cotton, a new nail polish by {MUA}. You can get it at the new mainstore which opened its doors on November 7th. The colors are ethereal and dreamy. Go get them!

Skin: 7 Deadly s{K}ins - Xandra - Cotton(at The Thrift ShopNEW
Mesh Body: Maitreya - Lara
Mesh Hands & Feet by Slink
Eyes: Dulce Secrets - Sea Mesmerizing Eyes (at Designer Showcase) NEW
Lashes: Tameless - Lashes New 35
Ears: Mandala - Steking Ears Season 5
Hair: [RunAway] - Daline (25% off at We <3 RP) NEW
Dress & Accessories: Luas - Olympus Gacha (at The Fantasy Gacha Carnival) NEW
Face Tatoo: La Boheme - Face Paint Sheba - Set 4b - Brass
Nail Polish: {MUA} - Cotton NEW
Pose 1: Icons Of Style - Butterfly Pose
Pose 2: Ma Vie - Fae
Sim: Chouchou

- N <3

Nov 7, 2015

- Looking Ahead -


These very tall boots from Designer Showcase by Lindy are totally off the hook! They come in several sizes so you can easily wear them with a mesh body. I'm wearing them in Nude but they come in so many colors, I'm sure you can find your favorite! ;) The pile of luggage next to me is also from Designer Showcase and is a new pose/prop series by NanTra. Sooooo cool, right?

I'm also using one of the latest poses by Image Essentials in order to show you this sexy little top by Truth. Yes, that's right, Truth who is one of my favorite hair designers has just released this line of cropped tops! It is made for Belleza bodies but it looks just fine with my Maitreya body. ;) As for my cute Foxy hair from Uber, I have already shown the version without the hat here. But this pretty little foxy hat is simly adorable. I'm obsessed with it! I'm one happy little elf in a foxy hat and modern clothes! :) :) :)

Skin: 7 Deadly s{K}ins - Queenie - Snow Special (at the Makeover Room) NEW
Mesh Body: Maitreya - Lara
Eyes: Dulce Secrets - Pecan Terra Firma Eyes
Lashes: WoW Skins - Lashes 2014 - 2
Ears: Mandala - Fantasy Elf Ears
Hair: Truth - Foxy - Blondes (at Uber) NEW
Top: Truth - Flaunt Cropped Top NEW
Skirt: PICHI - Regina Suede Skirt - Khaki
Boots: Lindy - Karla - Nude (at Designer Showcase) NEW
Nail Polish: alaskametro - Desert/Gold
Tattoo: Carol G. Tattoo Wear - Curves and Lace
Pose 1 & Luggage: NanTra - Seattle Bound (at Designer Showcase) NEW
Pose 2: Image Essentials - Sheer Class V2 NEW
Sim: Neva River

- N <3

Nov 6, 2015

"=Zenith= Photo Contest 2015"

Time to be creative and take part in a contest. Which contest? Well, a couple of days ago, I realized that =Zenith= had announced a contest for wannabe =Zenith= bloggers and since I love their designs I decided to join. :)
I picked up the Brocade Corset Top & Lace Skirt and the Gothic Choker Victorian Collar in Rose which are exclusive releases for Collabor88 October, I styled them up in a girly and romantic look and here is the result. :) I really enjoyed working on this look and taking the photos so fingers crossed I'll be one of the lucky winners. :)
The sexy cleavage gave me the opportunity to show Lace Flowers, a beautiful tattoo by Carol G. Look at these details... I love, love, love, love them! A total fun here!

I'm also really in love with Zelda, the new hairstyle by Ayashi which you can find at The Fantasy Collective! It looks even more stunning with the Pearl Crown by PurpleMoon Creations, which is part of the outfit A Midsummer Night's Dream. I have shown this beauty here.

Last but not least, Dulce Secrets has released some new eyes for this round of Designer Showcase. I wear eyes by Dulce Secrets very often so when I saw their new release, I couldn't resist them!

Skin: WoW Skins - Olga Milk 05
Mesh Body: Maitreya - Lara
Hands & Feet by Slink
Ears: Mandala - Fantasy Elf Ears
Eyes: Dulce Secrets - Concrete Mesmerizing Eyes (at Designer Showase) NEW
Lashes: WoW Skins - Lashes 2014 - 2
Hair: Ayashi - Zelda (at The Fantasy Collective)NEW
Dress: =Zenith= - Brocade Corset Top & Lace Skirt - Rose (at Collabor88NEW
Choker: =Zenith= - Gothic Choker Victorian Collar - Rose (at Collabor88NEW
Pearl Crown: PurpleMoon Creations - (Part of the outfit) A Midsummer Night's Dream - Pearl 
Shoes: PurpleMoon Creations - Titania Sandals - Pearl
Tattoo: Carol G. Tattoo Wear - Lace Flowers
Poses: Fashiowl Poses - Kawaii (at The Thrift Shop) NEW
 Nail Polish: La Boheme - Charisma Gold - OMNI Set NEW

Sim: The Outer Garden

- N <3


Nov 3, 2015

- Shara Elf of Luna -

I am in love with Cila's new elf outfit, an early preview for The Fantasy Gacha Carnival. It looks magnificent with the Choir of Angels - Cherubim Halo by Souzou Eien, also available at The Fantasy Gacha Carnival. I have already shown you a RARE version of this halo here. The Carnival officially opens on November 6th, so just be patient and you can grab these beauties soon!
Tomorrow, November 4th, another fantasy event opens its doors for a new round: We <3 RP! La Boheme has created some awesome face paints, like the one I'm wearing here. It's simply superb!
Speaking of superb, look at Foxy by Truth! Aww... How much I love this long wavy hairstyle! In the pack, you can also find a second version of Foxy with a cute hat. <3
The pedestal I'm standing on is by ::WetCat:: and you can get it as a group gift at Cosmopolitan.
Last but not least, have a look at my leg tattoo. A few days ago, I was searching for some new tattoos and I discovered a new to me tatoo store, Carol G. Her tatoos are romantic and sensational, something that I'm very fond of.

Skin: 7 Deadly s{K}ins - November 2015 Group Girls Skin  V1 - Pineapple NEW
Mesh Body, Hands & Feet by Slink
Eyes: Dulce Secrets - Mica Terra Firma Eyes
Lashes: WoW Skins - Lashes 2014 - 2
Ears: Mandala - Fantasy Elf Ears
Hair: Truth - Foxy (at Uber) NEW
Halo: ~*Souzou Eien*~ - Choir of Angels - Cherubim Halo - White (at The Fantasy Gacha Carnival) NEW
Face Tattoo: La Boheme - Face Paint - Mehndi Mask 2 Gray 90% (at We <3 RP) NEW
Outfit: Cila - Shara Elf of Luna - RARE Silver (at The Fantasy Gacha Carnival) NEW
Leg Tattoo: Carol G. Tattoo Wear - Flowers Leg
Pedestal Props & Poses: ::WetCat:: - Timeless Beauty Gold Gift (at Cosmopolitan) NEW
Sim: Ippos
- N <3