Mar 31, 2013

Purple Moon - Winter Queen in Ice

Hello! :) I know it's spring but I'd like to show you this amazing winter gown by PurpleMoon. I attended a live show a few days ago and while I was searching my inventory for a formal outfit I came across this stunning gown which was a previous group gift. The group is 150L to join but there is a free gift every month and as you can see they are totally worth it!!!!
Skin: Al Vulo! - Alyss Wonderland Blonde Fair (group gift)
Gown: PM - Winter Queen in Ice (previous group gift)
Jewls: 2006 Alienbear Groupmember Giftset
Location: Rosemist Isle

Alice in RMK Gothic Hunt: WTG, NV, Air

Jewled Nails: RMK Bunny Hunt #2 WTG
Pants: RMK Bunny Hunt #12 NV
Collar & cuffs: RMK Bunny Hunt #20 Air
Top: EBA Abigail (group gift)
Hair: Mint Tulip Advent Calender - Alice Project Kiera (no longer free)
Location: RMK Gothic

Alice in RMK Gothic Hunt: Sheep Door

Pants and Jewls: RMK Bunny Hunt #14 Sheep Door

Location: RMK Gothik 

Alice in RMK Gothic Hunt: Likka House & Galette

Outfit: RMK Bunny Hunt #1 LIKKA HOUSE

Outfit: RMK Bunny Hunt #23 Galette 
Hair: CaTwA Candy (past group gift)
Location: RMK Gothic

Mar 30, 2013

More Group Gifts by Sassy!

Hair: D!va - Mana Type B - More than 15000 group members celebration gift
Outfit: Sassy! Sporty Knit Tank and Mini-Skirt Set (Group Gift)

Outfit: Sassy! Halloween 2011 Group Gift

Sassy Group Gifts

Hair: Alice Project Shirley - Mint Tulip Advent Calendar Gift (21 December 2012) (No longer free)
Outfit: Sassy! - Valentine's Day Group Gift
Earrings: Caroline's Large Hoop Earrings - Gold (Group Gift)
Shoes: Gabriel - Stone Sandals White (Group Gift)

Outfit: Sassy! - "Kiss Me, I'm Irish" (Group Gift)

Location: Las Arenas Rosadas

Mar 28, 2013

Earth & Sky Design Freebie

Dress: Annabell Green - Earth and Sky Design (two versions) (freebie)
Location: Heart 5

New Look :D

Skin: NBGG - Eve Tan February Group Gift
Eyes: IKON Lucid Eyes - Optimism (February 2013 Group Gift)
Hair: Alice Project Jessica - Mint Tulip Advent Calendar Gift - Alice Project 18 December 2012 (no longer free)
Outfit: Purple Moon - Love Me Tender (Cupids Arrow Hunt Item)
Location: Heart 5

Mar 27, 2013

Purple Moon - St. Patrick's Day Gift

Gown: Purple Moon - Linnda in Green - St. Patrick's Day Gift (Group Gift)
Location: Rosemist Isle

Mar 25, 2013


Lingerie Set: LuVs LaziDaz Hoodie Black (subscribo gift)

Seldom Blue Dollarbie

Lingerie Set: Seldom Blue - Amelia Lingerie Limited Edition - White (Dollarbie)
Location: Annwn Willows

Mar 21, 2013

Fatal Lingerie Set!!!

Lingerie Set: FATAL Ladies Group Gift 1/18
Location: Gilmour


Lingerie Set: [d.l.s.] The Wash - Spring Undies Free

Lingerie Set: EBA - Abigail (Group Gift)

Beach Time

Outfit: B!ASTA - Sugar For My Honey (Free at The Wash)
Shoes: JStyLe (in a past group gift)


Outfit: Bitch Tail - Jay (prize board)
Location: Alirium

Such a Diva!

Hair: D!va Hair Mana Type A - More than 15.000 Group Member Celebration Gift
Hat: D!va Group Gift Fur Hat
Outfit: Bitch Tail - One Way (Lucky Chair)
Location: Catalina Cove

Mar 18, 2013

The Whore Couture Fair

Lingerie Set: Blah - My Petit Amour Lingerie - WCF Exclusive (marketplace freebie)
Location: Annwn Willows

Seldom Blue

Lingerie Set: (Seldom Blue) Amelia Lingerie Free Gift
Location: Annwn Willows

Movin Lingerie VIP Gift

Lingerie Set: February 2013 Group Gift - Movin Lingerie
Location: Annwn Willows

Blacklace VIP Gift

Lingerie Set: Blacklace - Spring Fling: Turquoise Set: March (Group Gift)
Location: Annwn Willows

Mar 15, 2013

Blacklace Freebie

Outfit: Blacklace - Spring Fling: Black Floral Set
Location: Annwn Willows

More from Purple Moon

Outfit: PM Cherry 4: Floral Dress in Pink
Jewls: PM Cherry 8: Frozen Dew Earrings and Necklace Cherry
Make-Up: Balcklace Beauty - January Group Gift

Dressed by Purple Moon

Outfit: PM Cherry 1: Cordelia Dress in Pink (past hunt item)
Necklace: PM Cherry 7: Rosali Necklace in Pink/Cherry/White (past hunt item)
Boots: PM Cherry 6: Mara Boots in Old Pink (past hunt item)

Mar 13, 2013

Movin Lingerie

Outfit: January VIP Gift - Movin Lingerie

Outfit: Valentine's 13 - Movin Lingerie VIP Gift
Location: PinkSpider

Blacklace - Rizzo

Outfit: Blacklace - Rizzo: Pink Satin and Black Lace
Location: PinkSpider