Dec 31, 2014

- Bye Bye 2014 -

Hey everyone!
Last day of 2014 and last post for this year... Only few hours left until we welcome 2015!
I'm saying good bye to 2014 with a glamorous, sparkling and peaceful wintery look. The Peace On Earth Hunt is still going on and Topazia is offering the stunning Miss Dove outfit which includes some adorable doves. :) 

I matched this enchanting outfit with Star, a really adorable skin by Lumae with a sophisticated make up. :)
Also, make sure to visit the Four Seasons Market to get some amazing poses by floating snowflakes by Icons of Style. I'm a huge prop fun and there are so many wonderful props at Four Seasons Market! :)

What's more, pay a visit at the FROST event to pick up the new Adelle Heels by LMD. It's available in several colors and they're perfect for winter. :)

 Have a wonderful New Year's Eve! I wish you all the best for the new year! Love, joy and peace to all of you! See you in 2015! <3

Skin: Lumae - Star - Frosted - Tone 2 - Cream
Eyes: Adoness - Littus - Honey Green (at Frost)
Lashes: WoW Skins - Lashes 2014 - 2
Hair: Truth - Thalia
Corset, Skirt, Hat, & Doves: Topazia - Miss Dove (Peace On Earth hunt prize)
Necklace: 22769 ~[accessories]~ - The Phoenix - Silver
Hands & Feet by Slink
Nail Polish: La Boheme - Swirly Shield Silver (All I Want For Christmas hunt prize)
Shoes: LMD - Adelle Heels - Slink High (at FROST)
Poses & Snowflakes: Icons Of Style - Poses with Floating Snowflakes (at Four Seasons Market)

Sim: Closest To Heaven, Indra Island


Dec 28, 2014

- Winter Fun -

Heeey everyone!
How's your Christmas holiday going so far? I hope you're having a great time with lots of resting and shopping!
This is a busy period but I did manage to make another post! There so many events going around in SL this time and so many choices for the winter season and Christmas holidat! Today I got a few items from all around the grid to create a cute winter holiday look. :) Warm clothes, Christmas treats and cute decor. Enjoy! :) <3


(P.S. La Boheme is currently holding a huge sale in nail polishes and cosmetics which is ending on the 31st. Don't forget to pay a visit. ;) )

Skin: 7 Deadly s{K}ins - Wanda V2 (at Feeb's Rascals)
Eyes: Adoness - Littus - Blue Hazel (at FROST)
Lashes: WoW Skins - Lashes 2014 - 2
Hair: Ayashi - Mario (at Level Up)
Earmuffs: Lunasea Fashion - Red Earmuffs (Gacha at Merry Crisis Gacha Fair)
Top: Miwa's Airship - La Tee - Black Red (at Sola)
Tights: New Way - Tights Basic Colors - Black (at The New Tailors)
Hands by Slink
Nail Polish: La Boheme - Xmas Present (1L for Feel My Sack Hunt)
Boots: Lunasea Fashion - Ugg Boots Red RARE (at Merry Crisis Gacha Fair)
Poses & Props: Fashiowl Poses - Ready for Xmas - Xmas Tray & Xmas Tree (at The Gacha Mania)
Nisse Gacha - The Rascals: Hi-ho Rudolph! & Bashfull Beau by DaneMarkZ
Nisse Gacha - Nisse Crystal, Nisse Noel, Nisse Star, & Nisse Joy by DaneMarkZ
Winter Time Table by Serenity Style (at Four Seasons Market)
Renifer by LEO (at Four Seasons Market)
Warm Teddy Cushions by Serenity Style (at Four Seasons Market)
Let out Sadness by Serenity Style
Gift Car by Serenity Style
Puffy Bunny by Serenity Style

Sim: Serenity Style


Dec 25, 2014

- Angel of Christmas Present -

Hello my fabulous readers!
I wish Merry Christmas to all of you. May this Christmas bring you closer to all the people you love. I hope your homes will be filled with joy, love, peace, and lots of presents and candy. :) 

Have a nice Christmas and see you all very soon.
- N <3
Skin: 7 Deadly s{K}ins - Azure
Eyes: Pulcino - Glisseo - Green (1L limited time)
Lashes: WoW Skins - Lashes 2014 - 2
Hair: Ayashi - Yasu (at FROST)
Crown: Cila - Snow Princess Crown (at Totally Top Shelf)
Hair Wreath: Persefona - Stars Wreath - Gold (at Four Seasons Market)
Face Sparkles & Snowflake in Mouth by Persefona - (Free gift at Four Seasons Market)
Snowflakes: Persefona - Floating Snowflakes 2 (at Four Seasons Market)
Gown & Wings: BlueMoon Enterprise - Lady Sophie - Peace Gown (Peace On Earth hunt prize)
Hands by Slink
Nail Polish: MUA - Marble
Poses & Snowflakes Props: Fashiowl Poses - Snowflakes (at Fit for a Princess)


Dec 22, 2014

- Snow Angel -

Hello my dear readers!
A few days ago I did a little bit of Peace On Earth Hunt and I found the amazing and really cute Roman Angel Outfit by Bubblez Style! It's a totally mesh robe and it also includes a hairclip and armlets! :) The Peace On Earth Hunt is free and about 200 stores are participating. I picked up a few more prizes, so I'll show you more soon. :)

My face paint is a gacha prize by La Boheme. La Boheme has recently started to release make up such as face paints, eye shadows and lipsticks. They're amazing and can't wait to wear and show you a few more! 

My nail polish is also by La Boheme and is a free holiday gift! 

That's all for today. I'm not sure if I'll have time to make another post before Christmas. If not, I wish you happy holidays and Merry Christmas! xxx

- N <3

Skin: Antielle - Snow Skin (Group Gift)
Eyes: Loux - Vivid Eyes - Blue
Lashes: WoW Skins - Lashes 2014 - 1
Face Paint: La Boheme - Sheba Rare - Set 4b - Brass (You Better Not Pout Gacha/25L per play)
Roman Angel Robe, Hair Clip, Armlets: Bubblez Style - Roman Angel Outfit (POE hunt prize)
Hair: Moon - Clocktower
Bracelets & Anklets: Glow Designs - Cross Chains Gold
Hands & Feet by Slink
Nail Polish: La Boheme - Swirling Vines Gold - Slink Manicure & Pedicure (Free Holiday Gift)
Floating Snowflakes: Persefona - Floating Snowflakes 1 (at Four Seasons Market)
Falling Snow: Suddenly - Falling Snow - Heavy
Poses & Snowflakes Cluster: Sweet Sacrifice - Snow Princess (at Fit for a Princess)


Dec 18, 2014

- Cute Winter Lookbook -

Hello everyone!
Hope you mates are alright and not too much exhausted from your Christmas shopping. ;)
Today I have a really cute look and an adorable setting to present to you. I simple love this post and every single item I'm showing! I'm a big fun of cute clothing, cute decor and cute animals. Serenity Style, even.flow and Fashiowl Poses have lately released some adorable designs. You can get the sweet frog props at Fit For A Princess and the unique mice and deer at Winter Trend SL 2014. Spread them all around your garden, house or on you and have a cuteness overdose. :)

I'm also a huge fun of pastel colors. As you can understand then, I couldn't resist this warm sweater by MelonBunny! It's available at Winter Trend in several colors but, as I said, I love pastels! I'm the princess of pastels!

And as everyone knows, I'm a total hair freak! I love hair. Short, long, curly, straight, updos, braids... I want every hairstyle I see to be in my inventory! Today I'm showing Arisu by Ayashi which is an exclusive for Winter Trend. Ayashi is a hair store I discovered a while ago and I've tried quite a few of their creations. They're really adorable, well-designed and their shades very original! I definately recommend it as a hair store. :)

Here you can see a photo of the decor I used. <3 <3 <3


P.S. Just a quick reminder: Winter Trend is closing on the 19th. If you haven't visited it so far, make sure you do. You can find some great bargains and some free gifts too. :)
- N

Skin: 7 Deadly s{K}ins - Simone (at Designer Showcase)
Eyes: Loux - Vivid Eyes - Blue 2
Lashes: WoW Skins - Lashes 2014 - 2
Hair/Hat: Ayashi - Arisu (at Winter Trend)
Top: MelonBunny - Slouchy Sweater (at Winter Trend)
Tights: New Way - Tights Print - 2 (at The New Tailors)
Hands by Slink
Shoes: Cila - Snowboots (at L'accessoires)
Poses & Frog Props: Fashiowl Poses - My Prince & Prince Kiss (at Fit For A Princess)
Baby Minnie ULTRA RARE by Serenity Style(Gacha at Winter Trend)
Xmas Trees by Serenity Style
Baby Minnie Green by Serenity Style (Gacha at Winter Trend) (Gacha at Winter Trend)
Baby Mouse Brown by Serenity Style (Gacha at Winter Trend)
Baby Minnie Red by Serenity Style (Gacha at Winter Trend)
Baby Mouse Red by Serenity Style (Gacha at Winter Trend)
Cute Deers: Oh Deer (Fatpack) by even flow(Gacha at Winter Trend)


Dec 14, 2014

- My Shattered Christmas Self -

Hiya mates!
What's up? Christmas is almost here, I have already done a Xmas-themed post and plan to do more. However, today's post is slightly different. It is Christmas related, but it's Christmas that things have gone wrong... Really wrong... Imagine a Christmas where Santa doesn't bring pleasant presents but giftboxes that are toxic and tinted red. Imagine no Christmas ball to show of your new glamorous dress but a more dark and gothic celebration.
Can you do that?
Well then, welcome to Horrofestive 2014! It's an event where some of the designers from the dark side of Second Life have united to benefit a specific charity: It will benefit Munchflower Zaius, who is suffering from Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome.
If you don’t know Munch, she is a SL designer of alternative fashion with her brand Nomine. Munch is no longer in SL and this event is held to help her as she is struggling with this difficult health condition. You can read more about the Horrofestive and Munch's story here.
Today I picked several items such as clothing, accessories and decor from Horrestive to create this dark Xmas look. Have a look and don't forget to visit the actual event to donate.
- N 


Skin: 7 Deadly s{K}ins - Womanstuff Hunt Skin
Eyes: !Chop Shop! - Wyntr - Red - RARE (at Horrorfestive)
Lashes: WoW Skins - Lashes 2014 - 3 (at The Frozzen Fair)
Tattoo: Ama - Shattered - Delicate Noir (at Horrorfestive)
Hair: Truth - Jenna
Dress: !Chop Shop! - Redrum - Red (at Horrorfestive)
Gloves: Center Ville - Long Gloves Hepburn
Stockings/Socks: Cannibelle - Fishnet/Knee Sock Combo - Dark (at Winter Trend)
Feet by Slink
Shoes: DemotiK - Firey Swirled Night - Slink High Heels (at Horrorfestive)
Mirror & Poses: Fashiowl Poses - Snow White Mirror
Tree: Eclectic Muse - Christmas with the Devil - Blood Red (at Horrorfestive)
Gift Boxes: Bliensen + MaiTai - Decorative Giftboxes (at Horrorfestive)


Dec 13, 2014

- Serenity -

Hello everyone!
It's nearly the mid of December and among the many wintery/Christmas-themed posts you see by me and other fellow bloggers, I decided to do an out-of-season post to show a more springy look. It's totally worth it as the Maiko Kimono I'm showing, which has bright colors and floral patterns, is really wonderful! Maiko is made by Blue Velvet, a store which specializes in Japanese clothing and traditional kimonos. This kimono is 100% mesh and is a RARE gacha prize for the new event, The New Tailors. Alternatively, I'd suggest you to have a look at Blue Velvet mainstore to see the rest of their kimono collection as well as headresses and other traditional accessories.

I'd also like to introduce another new to me store, L'Anguisette. It's a relatively small skin store which offers fresh and cute skins. Today I'm showing Mayumi, one of their latest releases which is an Asian inspired skin.

I told you this is an out-of-season post but I couldn't resist to pick a few items from The Frozzen Fair, such as this free set of slink nail appliers by La Boheme. The Frozzen Fair is still open but only for a few more days. If you haven't visited yet, make sure you do. Apart from the great bargains, you can get a bunch of free gifts like the nail polish I'm showing. In fact, every participating store offers one free gift/dollarbie. And there are more that 100 stores participating. ;) So, what are you waiting for? Hurry!!!

Skin: L'Anguisette - Mayumi - Chai
Eyes: LOUX - Vivid Eyes - Green 1 (at The Frozzen Fair)
Lashes: WoW Skins - Lashes 2014 - 2 (at The Frozzen Fair)
Eyeshadow & Lipstick: MUA - Elf
Hair: Damselfly - Marigold
Kimono: Blue Velvet - Maiko Kimono RARE (Gacha at The New Tailors)
Hands by Slink
Nail Polish: La Boheme - Temple (Free Gift at The Frozzen Fair)
Poses: an lar poses - Woodland Series
Sim: Tempura 

Dec 11, 2014

- I Want The Fireworks -

Hi everyone!
Lots of new items today and I have bunch of hot deals.
Let's begin with my fabulous Firework outfit by Entice. This amazing dress and pair of tights is available for only 55L as a 55L Thursday item. Firework is available in a variety of colors. It's a well known fact that I'm a lady who loves pink, so naturally, I picked the pink version  to show. :)

I also want to remind you that two winter-themed events are still on: Winter Trend SL 2014 and The Frozzen Fair. If you haven't visited them yet (I honestly don't know why you would neglect them) make sure you do. They offer a great variety of products, such as skins, clothing, accessories, make up and decor.
My Amanda skin is the exclusive release by 7 Deadly s{K}ins for Winter Trend.
I also grabbed a bunch of accessories and clothing to finish my look. My gloves are by Rebel Hope and can also be found at Winter Trend. As for my vest and scarf, they are by ARISE and shine by [ZD] and are available at The Frozzen Fair.

Last but not least, check out my new fashionable pair of heels by BSD Design Studio. They're gorgeous, aren't they? These beauties are also available at The Frozzen Fair. :)

Skin: 7 Deadly s{K}ins - Amanda v2 (at Winter Trend)
Eyes: Loux - Vivid Eyes - Grey 2 (at The Frozzen Fair)
Lashes: WoW Skins - Lashes 2014 - 2 (at The Frozzen Fair)
Hair: MOON - White Images - Roots
Dress & Tights: Entice - Firework - Pink (55L Thursday)
Gloves: !Rebel Hope Designs - Leather Mesh Laced Gloves (at Winter Trend)
Scarf: ARISE - Wool Scarf - Black (at The Frozzen Fair
Vest: shine by [ZD] - Alley Mesh Leather Vest - Black/Brass (at The Frozzen Fair
Shoes: BSD Design Studio - My Family - Zebra (at The Frozzen Fair
Poses: Image Essentials - Graceful Elegance 1 (b) & Accessorise 1 (b)


Dec 9, 2014

- Christmas Preparations -

Hello everyone!
Christmas is almost here and I'm in a Christmas mood. Time to do some decoration to get ready to celebrate Christmas and the New Year.
2014 Christmas Expo and Winter Breedables Fair is a great place to do your Christmas shopping. All of the decoration I show in this post are from this market which is also a charity event. As I have already written in a previous post, 100% of registration fees, sponsorship fees, kiosk donations, hunt, raffle, auction, and vendor donation items are paid to Relay For Life of Second Life. Relay For Life of Second Life is part of the American Cancer Society and is a virtual version of the real life Relay For Life. The fair consists of 8 sims and apart from shopping, you can also enjoy various activities such as live music, etc. Make sure to visit it and don't forget to donate.

I also want to remind you that Winter Trend is still going on and it's a worth visiting venue. Today I'm showing Star - Iceberry, one of Lumae's exclusive releases. It's currently 50% off during the duration of the event. :)

Here's a pic of just the Christmas decoration. The cute Ragdoll kitten is simply adorable. <33

Skin: Lumae - Star - Iceberry - Tone 2 - Cream (at Winter Trend)
Eyes: Angelica - Watery Eyes - Black (at Winter Trend)
Lashes: WoW Skins - Lashes 2014 - 2 (at The Frozzen Fair)
Hair: Truth - Blythe
Hair Accessory: Altair - Bun Bun Bunny - Pink (Group Gift)
Dress & Shoes: CottonCANDYmonsteR - So Pritty - Pink
Hands & Feet by Slink
Nail Polish: MUA - Slink Nails Hud - Cupcake
Poses & Props: NanTra - Sugar Rum Cherry (at 2014 Christmas Expo & Winter Breedables Fair)
Christmas Tree Gift Boxes by Follow US (at 2014 Christmas Expo & Winter Breedables Fair)
Snowglobe Snowman Blue by UnitedInshCon (at 2014 Christmas Expo & Winter Breedables Fair)
Falling Snow by Suddenly (at Winter Trend)


Dec 7, 2014

- Dancing In Winter -

Winter in Second Life is sooooo beautiful! All these winter themed sims which are covered in snow and decorated in a Christmas atmosphere are making me so happy and excited. I really love winter in Second Life! And, I'm also very pleased as I found the perfect pose series to show this excitement in my photos! NanTra has released the wonderful Winter Dance pose series for their contribution to Winter Trend SL 2014. Woo hoo! I'm so thrilled! When I saw them, I simply couldn't wait to teleport to a winter sim and try them on. :)
I'm also showing a few more Winter Trend exclusives. Sakide is offering the beautiful Fuzzy Leather Outfit and Boots in several colors. I couldn't have found a more appropriate outfit to wear for my winter dance. :) Both the outfit and the boots are available in a variety of colors and each color pack contains a texture change hud.

Last but not least, Angelica has created the really adorable Watery Eyes for Winter Trend. Today I'm wearing the Warm version and in my upcoming posts I'll definately show the rest of the options for these eyes. :) Angelica is also offering a new skin for Winter Trend (not shown here). Teleport there to have a look. :)
Oh, and don't forget! There are also plenty of free gifts available! :)

Eyes: Angelica - Watery Eyes - Warm (at Winter Trend)
Lashes: WoW Skins - Lashes 2014 - 2 (at The Frozzen Fair)
Hair: Truth - Feronia (50% sale!!!)
Vest & Pants: Sakide - Fuzz Leather Outfit - White (at Winter Trend)
Shoes: Sakide - Fuzz Leather Boots - White (at Winter Trend)
Hands & Feet by Slink
Nail Polish: MUA - Leopard
Necklace: Eclipse Art Studio - Poker Mania - Silver (at Winter Trend)
Bracelets: [sYs] - Soho Bracelets - Titanium
Poses: NanTra - Winter Dance (at Winter Trend)
Falling Snow Flakes: Suddenly - Falling Snow - Heavy (at Winter Trend)


Dec 5, 2014

- My Name is Lumi -

Hiya mates!
Hope everyone is doing great! I have lots of new things to show you today. All of them are one of a kind and I really don't know where to begin. Hang on... Actually I do know! ;) It's a well known fact that I'm a huge lover of new shops. I love discovering designers who have cute little stores that are not well known. Sooooo... Blogging for The Frozzen Fair gave me the oppoetunity to get to know Milk Tea, a relatively new store. Milk Tea is a lovely little store and its creations are as adorable as its name. :) The designer is a very kind and sweet woman and as you can see, very talented as well. I'm showing her exclusive release for The Frozzen Fair, Lumi. It consists of separate clothing and there's also a watch, a few more pairs of tights and a Christmas jumper as well available at The Frozzen Fair. Some of these are available for free or discount in her booth at The Frozzen Fair. But this is a surprise. ;) Go yourself and have a look! Make sure to also visit Milk Tea mainstore. You can have a more detailed look on what Milk Tea offers and also win an adorable skirt as a lucky board prize. :)

My Agatha skin by Suicide Gurls is another exclusive release for The Frozzen Fair. It's the first skin I try from this brand and I'm really pleased with it. I really look forward to try more of their skins.
My Ginevra hairstyle is by Tameless and it was released a while ago. I was trying to show this hair for quite a while now but I couldn't really find a perfect match. Furtunately I got Lumi which is indeed a perfect match for Ginevra, don't you think?
Last but not least, make sure you visit another holiday venue, the 2014 Christmas Expo and Winter Breedables Fair. This is a charity event. 100% of registration fees, sponsorship fees, kiosk donations, hunt, raffle, auction, and vendor donation items are paid to Relay For Life of Second Life. Relay For Life of Second Life is part of the American Cancer Society and is a virtual version of the real life Relay For Life. You can find furniture and decor, skins, clothing, poses and of course lovely pets. There is also a daily scedule of entertainment ctivities so you should definately visit and support it. For more information, check their official site. Today I'm showing the Gold Peace Kanji Necklace by Hearthaven. Stay tuned as I have some more items to show you. And don't forget, this is a charity event so it's worth visiting and supporting it. 

Skin: Suicide Gurls - Agatha - Milk Nat with Freckles (at The Frozzen Fair)
Eyes: LOUX - Vivid Eyes - Brown 1 (at The Frozzen Fair)
Lashes: WoW Skins - Lashes 2014 - 1 (at The Frozzen Fair)
Hair: Tameless - Ginevra
Hairband: Cubic Cherry Kre-ations - Almira - Chokocream - Googles RARE (Gacha at Suicide Dollz Anniversary)
Top, Coat, Shorts, Tights, Glasses, Shoes & Nail Polish: Milk Tea - Lumi (at The Frozzen Fair)
Bracelets: Loordes of London - Roll of the Dice #15 (at Designer Showcase)
Handwarmers: Scene - Freezie Handwarmers - Relaxed (at The Frozzen Fair)
Hands by Slink
Bag: NEW WAY - Waist Bag with Stamp - Brown (at Totally Top Shelf)
Hot Drink: Label Motion - My Hot Drink - Coffee and Caramel (subscribo gift)
Poses: Sweet Sacrifice - Silly (at Silly Seven)
Sim: Intro


Dec 3, 2014

- Back to Basis -

Hi everyone!
As I was continuing my tour at the Winter Trend SL 2014 event, I came across PurpleMoon Creations and their exclusive release, the mesh Heidi Coat & Dress. I'm a huge fan of PurpleMoon as their clothes are really my style. It's one of the first stores I discovered as a Second Life resident (and wannabe fashionista) and still remains a favorite. I always keep an eye on their hunts, group gifts and offers and blog their creations from time to time. So, when I saw Heidi, I couldn't resist her! I had to show her! In fact, this coat & dress is what some friends of mine call "a real Nina style". What's "a real Nina style"? Well, before becoming so much active in blogging and experimenting with different styles and looks, this is the kind of look I would go for: simple yet elegant and sophisticated. So, for old times' sake, today, inspired by PurpleMoon and Heidi, I combined a bunch of accessories and the the beautiful Alaska skin in Deep Cherry by Lumae (another Winter Trend exclusive) and created this minimal chic look. I hope you like it and don't forget to visit Winter Trend. It will open for the public on the 5th of December. 

Also, let me remind you that the new round of Designer Showcase has started. Have a look there, as you can find some great items, such as these wonderful shoes, in very affordable prices. Designer Showcase has also been nominated in the Avi Choice Awards for the category of Favorite Fashion Event. You can vote for it here.
Skin: Lumae - Alaska - Deep Cherry - Tone 2 - Cream (at Winter Trend)
Eyes: LOUX - Vivid Eyes - Grey 1 (at The Frozzen Fair)
Lashes: WoW Skins - Lashes 2014 - 1 (at The Frozzen Fair)
Hair: Truth - Carrie
Earmuffs: Maxi Gossamer - Furry Muffs - Yolanda - Chocolate Mink (at Winter Trend)
Coat/Dress: PurpleMoon Creations - Heidi Coat & Dress HUD (at Winter Trend)
Scarf: LMD - Margene Scarf - Espresso (at Designer Showcase)
Hands & Feet by SLink
Ring: Joops - Rose Ring - Red
Nail Polish: La Boheme - Djinn Silver (at Winter Trend)
Shoes: [LG] DE.Boutique - Martini Heels - Brown (at Designer Showcase)
Poses: Image Essentials - Graceful Elegance 2 (b)
Sim: Intro


Dec 1, 2014

- Winter Cutie -

Hello everyone and have a great month!
I have a bunch of new items to show you today: clothing, make up, accessories, etc.
So... Let's see!
As I wrote in my previous posts, this month two events with a winter theme are taking place: The Winter Trend SL (which opens in less than a week) and The Frozzen Fair (which opens today). These are two events you shouldn't miss as you can find some really good deals and lots of free gifts! =]
There are many warm clothes available in both events and today I'm showing one of my favorite coats, the adorable Winter Coat by Nomi which is an exclusive release for Winter Trend. It was love at first site! I really like cute and girly clothing, so naturally, once I saw this coat, I simply had to show it immediately!
I matched this sweet coat with a pair of warm boots by CottonCANDYmonsteR. I really like this store as it has such low prices, yet the quality of their creations is really excellent!
Finally, if you're into photography, Fashiowl Poses has made some pretty cool wintery props for The Frozzen Fair. Here I'm showing one of their single poses but there are some really sweet couple poses too. <3

Well, that's all for today. Happy shopping!
- Nina

Skin: Glam Affair - Liv Skin - Artic - 04
Eyes: Loux - Vivid Eyes - Blue 1 (at The Frozzen Fair)
Eyeshadow: WoW Skins - Winter Eyeshadow - Silver (at The Frozzen Fair)
Lashes: WoW Skins - Lashes 2014 - 2 (at The Frozzen Fair)
Hair: MOON - Bitter Branches
Earmuffs: Cila - Rabbit Earmuff RARE (Gacha at The Gacha Mania)
Coat: Nomi - Winter Coat - Light Hud (at Winter Trend)
Stockings: Cannibelle - Sweetest Stockings - Candy Rain Stockings
Hands by Slink
Nail Polish: Lakshmi - Slink Fingernail Hud (Gift at The Frozzen Fair)
Boots: CottonCANDYmonsteR - Fuyu Boots - Princess
Snowball Props & Poses: Fashiowl Poses - Snowballs (at The Frozzen Fair)


Nov 30, 2014

- Winter Trend SL 2014 -


Hiya everyone!
It's the 30th of November today! December is so close to us! I hope you will all have a happy December and spend some lovely time with your family and friends during Christmas time. :)
Winter is officially here and this moment is the perfect time to do some shopping. The stores are usually busy at this period as we all need to get some new items either for us or for our beloved ones. Same is for Second Life. December is the perfect month for shopping as there are so many events and sales going on.
The Winter Trend SL 2014 is an event organised by WeDo SL Events and it will run from December 5th till Dec 19th. It is sponsored by the following brands:
AbissRebel HopeBlueberryMina HairBelleza K-Code
        • Mon CheriGawkDeeTaleZBlacklace[sYs]  • Cynful
        • Me JewerlyPurple PosesGheePure PoisonMaxi Gossamer
        • ʙʟᴀʜ.ReignMoonRazorEudora3dSpirit Store
So, what's this event all about? Winter Trend wishes to introduce the main trends for this winter. You can find a variety of creations from warm clothing and accessories to skins, hairs and make up. Poses and decor are also available. There are so many designers participating that Winter Trend appeals to every style. Each designer will have at least one exclusive for this event and some free gifts/dollarbies will also be available. :) There will also be an exclusive area for gachas so get ready to play.
That's all for now. I will soon get back to you and show you some of the exclusive releases made for this event. Some of them are really fantastic and I can't wait to show them to you!
- Nina