Dec 7, 2014

- Dancing In Winter -

Winter in Second Life is sooooo beautiful! All these winter themed sims which are covered in snow and decorated in a Christmas atmosphere are making me so happy and excited. I really love winter in Second Life! And, I'm also very pleased as I found the perfect pose series to show this excitement in my photos! NanTra has released the wonderful Winter Dance pose series for their contribution to Winter Trend SL 2014. Woo hoo! I'm so thrilled! When I saw them, I simply couldn't wait to teleport to a winter sim and try them on. :)
I'm also showing a few more Winter Trend exclusives. Sakide is offering the beautiful Fuzzy Leather Outfit and Boots in several colors. I couldn't have found a more appropriate outfit to wear for my winter dance. :) Both the outfit and the boots are available in a variety of colors and each color pack contains a texture change hud.

Last but not least, Angelica has created the really adorable Watery Eyes for Winter Trend. Today I'm wearing the Warm version and in my upcoming posts I'll definately show the rest of the options for these eyes. :) Angelica is also offering a new skin for Winter Trend (not shown here). Teleport there to have a look. :)
Oh, and don't forget! There are also plenty of free gifts available! :)

Eyes: Angelica - Watery Eyes - Warm (at Winter Trend)
Lashes: WoW Skins - Lashes 2014 - 2 (at The Frozzen Fair)
Hair: Truth - Feronia (50% sale!!!)
Vest & Pants: Sakide - Fuzz Leather Outfit - White (at Winter Trend)
Shoes: Sakide - Fuzz Leather Boots - White (at Winter Trend)
Hands & Feet by Slink
Nail Polish: MUA - Leopard
Necklace: Eclipse Art Studio - Poker Mania - Silver (at Winter Trend)
Bracelets: [sYs] - Soho Bracelets - Titanium
Poses: NanTra - Winter Dance (at Winter Trend)
Falling Snow Flakes: Suddenly - Falling Snow - Heavy (at Winter Trend)


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