Apr 4, 2013

Pretty in Aqua, Pink and Lilac :)

The main items I'd like to show you in this post are my new skin, hair and shoes! So... Let's begin...
I did the Knitting Circle Easter Hunt during the weekend and I got some amazing prizes. :) The skin and hair I'm wearing are two of them. The skin is by Pink Fuel and it was only 5L and very easy to find. I have to say that I rarely wear very pale skins but this time I thought to give it a try. Pink Fuel Skins are very nice and I didn't have any so this one was pale, Pink Fuel, easy to find and only 5L! I didn't think about it a lot. I grabbed it instantly! I'm so happy I did as I love it! I actually think I'll stay in it for the next few posts. :)
The sweet colorful hair I'm wearing is by Ploom, another hunt item for 0 Lindens. :) There was another hairstyle similar to this one hidden in a second egg which I'll show in another post. I rarelly wear colorful hair but I have to say that I really like this one. First of all, the hairstyle is amazing but also the fades are super cute as well. I love the mixture of pink, lilac and light blue. :)
I decided to match my hair with some shoes and jewls. The shoes are a lucky chair by Masha, an amazing store that sells wonderful shoes! They have a new group gift every month and many lucky chairs! So hurry up to get some free shoes!!!
As for the necklace, it's a past group gift by Virtual Impressions and it matches perfectly my new hair, don't you think?

Skin: Pink Fuel: Alena Vanilla Fresh - Knitting Circle Easter Hunt (5L)
Eyes: Birth Shiva Eyes - Aqua (Free Hollywood SwagBag)
Hair: Ploom Anarin - Knitting Circle Easter Hunt (free)
Dress: Sassy! Simply Ravishing - Mon Amour Hunt Gift
Necklace:Virtual Impressions - Belinda Necklace in Aqua Blue (previous group gift)
Shoes: Masha - Kristin Pumpls (colorful dots) (Lucky Chair)
Location: Neva River 

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