Apr 30, 2013

Beautiful like a Painting!

Hey everyone!
I know I haven't blogged much lately but rl has kept me really busy. There are so many things I want to show you but I don't have enough time.
Anyway, what I really wanted to show you is my new skin which is a group gift by Hush Skins! The gift includes 6 skin layers, 3 brow shades, 2 cleavages and a modify shape! Today I'm showing only one of them but I'll definately wear another one at the posts following!

Also, keep in mind that there is a big sale going on at Truth's mainstore! Make sure you visit it to get some new hair!

Skin: Hush - April - Night - Cream (lb) (Group Gift for April)
Eyes: Hudson's - Gazing @ U Dusk Eye Pack (previous free item)
Eyelashes: WoW Skins - Diva Lashes (lucky board prize)
Hair: Truth - Tenille
Dress & Headband: 1mm peplum dress - Alice version (previous RMK Bunny Hunt 04) (no longer free)
Location: Annwn Willows

Apr 28, 2013

The Flawless Spring Hunt!

Hey people!
This a quick post as I'm very busy these days in RL. In this post I want to show you some of the hunt items I got from the Flawless Spring Hunt as well as a group gift by Ruxy. The hunt ends today so you still have some time to get these goodies. :)

Skin: Style by Kira - Elena Skin 02M (Flawless Spring Mini Hunt Gift)
Eyes: Birth - Shiva Eyes Coral (free Hollywood SwagBag)
Eyelashes: WoW Skins - Diva Lashes ( Lucky Board Prize)
Hair: Truth - Lavinia
Top: Ruxy - Top (Free Group Gift)
Skirt: 1 Hundred - Delitte Ruffled Mini Plaid and Flowers (Flawless Spring Mini Hunt Gift)
Tattoo: Masoom - You Live Here (Flawless Spring Mini Hunt Gift)
Bracelets: Phoebe Piercings & More - Zoe Bangles (Flawless Spring Mini Hunt Gift)

Apr 25, 2013

The Fantasy Faire: Part 2

Hey guys!
Here I'm showing you the second free avatar that you can pick up at the Fantasy Faire! I have to say that I realy like this skin! The hair are also awesome! 

The jwels I'm wearing is another group gift by Finesmith! They're stunning, aren't they? I'll definately be wearing them again with another outfit. :)

Skin and Hair: The Plastic - Fantasy Faire Low Lag Avatar - Khulthi (free)
Jewls: Finesmith - Happiness -2013 New Year Gift (group gift)
Location: Rosemist Isle

The Fantasy Faire: Part 1

Hey lovelies!
The Fantasy Faire is here and I'm so excited about it! I love fantasy outfits so much!!! It takes place from April 20th to April 28th so you still have time to visit it to shop and look around. Once you arrive there you'll get two low lag avatars (both female and male versions) that you can wear while hanging out there. More information about the stores and the landmarks can be found on the official website of the Fantasy Faire.
In this post I'm showing one of 2 free avies which is the Mermaid avie.
Mystic Sky also has a free gift for you in their Fantasy Faire store. It's a cute little anklet. :)

The stunning jewl I'm wearing on my forehead is a free group gift by Finesmith! This is a new to me store and I'll definately be blogging more of their items as they have amazing group gifts!

Skin, Bikini and Hair: The Plastic - Fantasy Faire Low Lag Avatar - Mermaid (free)
Eyes: ID - Thank You Gift (free)
Eyelashes: WoW Skins - Diva Lashes (lucky board prize)
Anklet: Mystic Sky - Yellow and Red Rose Anklet (free gift at the Fantasy Faire)
Forehead Jewl: Finesmith - Nexus (group gift)
Location: Pino 

Apr 24, 2013

Floral Beauty by Gizza!

Hey everyone!
As I'm sure you have noticed, lately I'm in a spring mood and I keep wearing floral outfits in spring colors! I was looking in my inventory for another one to show you and I found this fantastic outfit by Gizza which is a previous group gift. As you can see it's full with flowers and there is even a flower hair accessory! The gift is still available at the mainstore so you can go pick it up! 

The necklace I'm wearing is a free gift by B!asta. There is not need to join the group.

Hair: Truth - Kasia
Outfit: Gizza - July Group Gift
Necklace: B!asta - Lotsa Luff Necklace (free gift)
Location: Rosemist Isle

Chance of a Lifetime!

Hello guys!
Today I want to show you this week's group gift by the White Armory. In case you're not familiar with this store, let me tell you that it specialize in fantasy and medieval outfits and it has a group gift every Sunday! Yes, that's right! If you join their group (for free) you'll get one gift every week!!! The gown I'm wearing is called Chance of a Lifetime and it's a beautiful white dress with magenta and light blue details. Inside the box, you'll find an extra cloak which adds more to its beauty!


My hair is by Truth and in case you don't know it, there's a sale going on at the moment. So if you need some new hair hurry up to the mainstore. And just a little advice. It's more likely that you won't be able to go inside the store because it's usually full of people. Don't worry. Zoom your camera inside the store and buy your hair! It works!

Hair: Truth - Caprice
Gown: TWA - Chance of a Lifetime Gown Set (group gift)
Jewls: Ellen Earrings and Necklace in Platinum and Magenta (previous free gift by Virtual Impressions)
Location: Rosemist Isle

Apr 23, 2013

Spring with Flowers!

Hey everyone!
I'm in a spring mood again so I decided to dress up accordingly. :) This beautiful floral cocktail dress is another gift by Paris Metro Couture! You will not find it in the mainstore though as it's a gift for Santorini group members. So all you have to do is go to Santorini, join their group and voila! You can pick up the dress for free!

The skin I'm in today is a previous midnight mania prize by WoW Skins. It's called Isabella. Isn't she beautiful? I love the make up and the brows. The eyeshadow is so sweet and the lipgloss is so fresh and clean!
My new eyes are a free gift by Insufferable Dastard! You don't even have to join their group. Go grab them for free!

Skin: WoW Skins - Isabella Mid Tone 3 (midnight mania prize)
Eyes: Insufferable Dastard - Thank You Gift (free)
Eyelashes: WoW Skins - Diva Lashes (midnight mania prize)
Hair: Truth - Teddy
Cocktail Dress: Paris Metro Couture - Bouquet d' Amour- Cocktail Dress Fuschia (gift for Santorini group members)
Earrings: Arlene Earring in Magenda and & White Gems (previous free gift by Virtual Impressions)
Bracelets: Magenta Diamante Perlised Bangles (previous free gift by Virtual Impressions)
Pumps: Masha - Candy - Pink Flower with Tinsel (lucky board prize)
Location: Cours

Paris Metro Couture: Fuschia Nightfire!

Hello everyone!
Today I want to show you this amazing gown by Paris Metro Couture. This mesh fuschia/black gown is the latest free gift and the texture is animated! This means that it changes colors! Awesome, huh?!


My earrings are a free gift by Lazuri and they come as a set with the necklace I showed you in the previous post.

Hair: Truth - Zendaya
Gown: Paris Metro Couture - Artist Seres - Fuschia Nightfire (free gift)
Earrings: Lazuri - Touch of Stone Fuchsia Gift (free)

Apr 21, 2013

Spring Beauty by PurpleMoon and WoW Skins!

Hi everyone!
I'm in a spring mood today so I'd like to show you this spring outfit! The dress I'm wearing is April's group gift by Purple Moon. As you can see it's a wonderful dress in aqua filled with lovely colorful flowers. Perfect for spring!!!! The group is 150L to join but there are monthly group gifts so it's totally worth it.


The skin I'm in today is a lucky board prize by WoW Skins. When I saw it I fell in love with it! The make up is so cute and it's perfect for spring. Luckily I didn't have to wait long as my letter  came up after 5-10 minutes. :)
My jewls are a free gift by Lazuri. You don't even have to join their group. Just go over there and grab it!

Skin: WoW Skins - Lilia Skin (Lucky Board Prize)
Eyes: Birth - Shiva Eyes Colar (Hollywood SwagBag)
Hair: Truth - Tenille
Eyelashes: WoW Skins - Diva Lashes (Lucky Board Prize)
Outfit: Purple Moon - 20000 Group Member Gift Aquarelle
Jewls: Lazuri - Touch of Stone Fuchsia Gift

Apr 20, 2013


Hi everyone!
Here I am showing you another gown by Sascha's Designs. Honestly, I can't stop visiting this store and wearing their group gifts. The gown I'm wearing is the June 2012 group gift. The group is 50L to join. Once you join, you'll find tons of group gifts available at the store!


The necklace I'm wearing is a previous free gift from Virtual Impressions. This store has amazing jewls and many gifts for group members and non members. Go over there to grab their current gifts!

Finally, my new hair is by Truth and if you want to buy it, you can find it at Fameshed. They're not available at the mainstore yet. I think it's a really cute hairstyle and love the curls!! :)

Hair: Truth - Tymber at Fameshed (not free)
Gown: SAS - 2012 Gown (group gift)
Necklace: Peach Moonstone and Silver Necklace (previous free gift from Virtual Impressions)

Apr 19, 2013

Spring at Sascha's!

Hello everyone!
Today I'd like to show you this amazing floral dress by Sascha's Designs. As you can see it's perfect for spring! The gown has details in light pink, lilac and peach colors. It also has some cute flower accessories on its front and back! The best is that its a free group gift. The group has a 50L fee to join but as you can see it's totally worth it!!!!!!

The jewls I'm wearing are previous free gifts by Chop Zuey. This fantastic stores has free gifts and group gifts both fro women and men. At the moment, there are some new group gifts as well as free gifts so go there to have a look at them.

Hair: Truth - January (group gift)
Gown: SAS - April 2013 Gown (group gift)
Earrings: Chop Zuey - Winter Berries Earrings - Gift Xmas
Bracelet: Chop Zuey - Winter Berries Banges Bracelet - Gift Xmas

Location: Humanoid

Apr 14, 2013

Time for a cocktail party!

Hello everyone!
Today I'd like to show you this stunning cocktail dress by Sascha's Designs. This beautiful silver dress with the cute flexi skirt and the sparkling top is a previous group gift and it's still available! The group has a 50L fee to join and you get for free all the previous group gifts! The designer is really generous to her members. :)

My hair is a previous group gift by Exile and it's still available in the group history! So, hurry up to the store to grab it!

The skin I'm in today is a previous Lucky Board Prize by WoW Skins. The skin has a glittering purple eyeshadow and it comes with and without a lipgloss. In the these pictures I'm wearing the lipgloss. There are many lucky boards at the inworld store and it's very easy to win their prizes. The boards are accessible only to group members and there is a 200L fee to join.

Skin & Lipgloss: WoW Skins - Bambola (lucky board prize)
Hair: Exile - Rayanne (Group Gift)
Outfit: SAS - August 2012 Dress (group gift)
Earrings: Alienbear - Agnes 2009 earrings (group gift)
Shoes: Gabriel - Stone Sandals White (group gift)

Location: The Rose Theatre and Art Gallery

Apr 11, 2013

Alice in RMK Bunny Hunt: Sakide!

Hello everyone!
As I've told you, I still have many items from the Bunny Hunt to show you! Today I'm wearing the Queen Outfit by Sakide.



My skin is a WoW Skin and you can get it for free in the lucky boards of the store. To have access to the lucky board, you'll need to join the group which has a 200L fee. It's a great deal because you'll get all the previous monthly group gifts and you'll have access to the lucky boards and the midnight manias!
My long nails is a previous group gift by Bamboo Nails. It's no longer available for free but there is another group gift at the moment so go get it! The group is free to join and it has monthly gifts for its members. All the nails are color-texture change!

Like my new shoes? I bet you do! :) The amazing pair of ankle boots a group gift Vendetta! I am completely in love with them! You'll definately see me wear them again!
Skin: WoW Skins - Arisa (Lucky Board)
Eyes: Birth Shiva Eyes - Barley Green (free SwagBag at event Hollywood)
Hair: Elikatira - Sound
Outfit: RMK Bunny Hunt #24: Sakide - Queen Outfit
Nails: Bamboo Nails - Fishnet (group gift)
Shoes: Vendetta - Classic Boots (group gift)
Location: RMK Gothic

Apr 9, 2013

Alice in RMK Gothic Hunt: Wretched Dollies!

Hey everyone!
Hey everyone! I know that the Bunny Hunt is over for quite some time now but I didn't have time to show you all of the prizes I got. So here I am again wearing this cute white dress with bunnies on it. It's the Wretched Dollies hunt item. :) 

The pumps I'm wearing are a lucky letter prize by Masha. Masha is one of my favorite stores when it comes to shoes. They have amazing group gifts and lucky letter prizes.

Dress: RMK Bunny Hunt #8: Wretched Dollies
Shoes: Masha - Candy - Pink Flower with Tinsel
Location: RMK Gothic

Spring Time!

Hello everyone!
Today I'd like to show you an outfit by Gizza. Gizza is one of my favourite stores and I've realized that I haven't showed you any of its group gifts! So, here it is! :) This cute pink outfit is the November group gift and it's still available! As you can see, it consists of a butterfly t-shirt, jeans, a vest, a belt, a pair of long pink socks and a really pretty bag. Even though it's the November group gift, I think it's a perfect spring outfit!

The colorful necklace I'm wearing is the current group gift by Virtual Impressions and I think it is perfect for spring! I'm also wearing pink nails which is a previous group gift by Bamboo Nails. Unfortunately they are no longer available for free but Bamboo has some amazing group gifts very often so go there to take their current gift.

Hair: Elikatira - Only (store closed)
Outfit: Gizza - November Group Gift
Shoes: Gang/Cold - Valentine Group Gift
Necklace: Virtual Impressions - Tina Necklace Spring (group gift)
Nails: Bamboo Nails - So Pink (previous group gift)
Location: Alirium

Apr 6, 2013

Silver Beauty!

Hello everyone!

A couple of nights ago my friend Jackie and I decided to attend a live show that required a formal dresscode. We had only 15-20 minutes to get ready so I had to decide quickly what to wear. Everytime I'm in a rush to find a formal or semi-formal dress, I go to my Sascha's folder in my inventory as she offers some amazing group gifts. The gown I'm wearing is the November 2012 group gift and it comes with 2 tops. Honestly, I can't decide which top I prefer most as I love them both! The group is 50L to join but Sascha offers one group gift every month and in some special occasions as well. What is more, once you join the group you can get for free all the previous monthly group gifts from the previous years!!! So with 50L you'll instantly get many high-quality gowns and cocktail dresses!
The lovely updo I'm wearing is a previous group gift by Exile. You can subscribe, go to history and find the gifts in the past notices. :)

The beautiful jewls are previous free gifts by Chop Zuey. Chop Zuey has gifts both for their members (there is a fee to join) and for their nonmembers. They place new gifts very often so stop by to see what they are currently offering.


Hair: Exile - Violetta (group gift)
Lipstick: Ginerva Lipstick - Izzie's Truth District Exclusive Gift
Gown: SAS November 2012 (group gift)
Earrings: Chop Zuey - Kharma Silver Women's Earrings (previous free gift)
Ring: Chop Zuey - Kharma Lovers' Ring (previous free gift)
Location: Neva River


Apr 5, 2013

The Pose Fair!

Hello everyone!
This is a quick post. Have you visted the Pose Fair yet? Well if you haven't hurry up there as soon as you can. There are many stores participating and many of them have free gifts! So, if you need some new poses for your photos then that's your chance to get many poses for free or buy some from the many stores that are participating. For me, the Pose Fair was also a great chance to find out some great pose designers that I wasn't familiar with. So visit the sim and have fun posing! :)
Here's your taxi:

Apr 4, 2013

Pretty in Aqua, Pink and Lilac :)

The main items I'd like to show you in this post are my new skin, hair and shoes! So... Let's begin...
I did the Knitting Circle Easter Hunt during the weekend and I got some amazing prizes. :) The skin and hair I'm wearing are two of them. The skin is by Pink Fuel and it was only 5L and very easy to find. I have to say that I rarely wear very pale skins but this time I thought to give it a try. Pink Fuel Skins are very nice and I didn't have any so this one was pale, Pink Fuel, easy to find and only 5L! I didn't think about it a lot. I grabbed it instantly! I'm so happy I did as I love it! I actually think I'll stay in it for the next few posts. :)
The sweet colorful hair I'm wearing is by Ploom, another hunt item for 0 Lindens. :) There was another hairstyle similar to this one hidden in a second egg which I'll show in another post. I rarelly wear colorful hair but I have to say that I really like this one. First of all, the hairstyle is amazing but also the fades are super cute as well. I love the mixture of pink, lilac and light blue. :)
I decided to match my hair with some shoes and jewls. The shoes are a lucky chair by Masha, an amazing store that sells wonderful shoes! They have a new group gift every month and many lucky chairs! So hurry up to get some free shoes!!!
As for the necklace, it's a past group gift by Virtual Impressions and it matches perfectly my new hair, don't you think?

Skin: Pink Fuel: Alena Vanilla Fresh - Knitting Circle Easter Hunt (5L)
Eyes: Birth Shiva Eyes - Aqua (Free Hollywood SwagBag)
Hair: Ploom Anarin - Knitting Circle Easter Hunt (free)
Dress: Sassy! Simply Ravishing - Mon Amour Hunt Gift
Necklace:Virtual Impressions - Belinda Necklace in Aqua Blue (previous group gift)
Shoes: Masha - Kristin Pumpls (colorful dots) (Lucky Chair)
Location: Neva River 

More bikinis by Faboo!

Bikini: Faboo - Valentine Group Gift (2 versions)

Location: Neva River 

Bikini Time! Faboo!

Hey everyone!
 I was checking my blog yesterday and I noticed that I haven't posted any swimear so far. So I checked my inventory for some Faboo bikinis. Faboo is an exclusively swimwear store. You can find so many amazing bikinis there and you'll look gorgeous once you're in a beach. Faboo has group gifts, lucky chairs and a midnight mania so can get many beautiful bikinis for free.

Hair: D!va Hair Mai forelock (more than 10000 group members celebration gift)
Bikini: Faboo -St Pants (Group Gift)
Bracelets: House of Rain Group Gift - As Darkness Falls Bracelets (amber/gold)
 Bikini: Faboo - Hot Pink Floral (lucky chair)
Location: Neva River