Feb 28, 2016

- Molly -

Hi everyone!
This is a quick post to show you a really cool fantasy dress by Figment, Molly, currently available at Enchantment, The Last Unicorn. I wanted to blog this earlier but unfortunatelly my new computer, which I ordered earlier this week, hasn't arrived yet so I'm stuck with my previous one which is really meshed up. :( Anyway, you still have time to visit Enchantment so it's not too late to get this beauty! :)

Head: Catwa - Jessica
Body: Maitreya - Lara
Ears: Mandala - Steking Ears Season 5
Eyes: Dulce Secrets - Vibrant Brown Mesmerizing Eyes
Hair: Bens Hair Style - Peggy Hair - Faded 4 NEW
Hair Wreath: Persefona - Saffron Wreath (Color Mix 2)
Skin: DS'ELLES - Carrie - Porcelaine (Skin 3, Eyeliner 1, Lipstick 1, Lashes 2, Blush 2) NEW
Dress: Figment - Molly Dress - Blue (at Enchantment) NEW
Poses: Nanika - Girl with Dagger

Sim: Ippos

- N <3



Feb 25, 2016

- Lady Amalthea -

Have you seen the latest release by PurpleMoon Creations for Enchantment event (The Last Unicorn)? It's the lovely Amalthea dress and you'll definately fall in love with it. It's a romantic medieval dress with lovely flowers and aetheral sleeves. A must-have! It's available in several colors so I'm sure you'll find your favorite! Go to Enchantment and get this beauty! <3

I'm also showing here a new skin by Lumae, another exclusive release for Enchantment. It's a while since I showed you a skin by Lumae. This is because the designer has been working really hard to update her skin appliers and skin tones. Eirtae//Amalthea is available in Tone 1/Milk and it has a lovely make-up with pink cheeks and lips and a sparkling purple eyeshadow! How sweet! <3 Finally, let me remind you that Flower Power is almost over. You still have some time left to visit this amazing fair in order to get some great deals like the cute necklace by Swallow that I'm wearing! :)

Head: LeLutka - Stella
Body: Maitreya - Lara
Ears: Mandala - Steking Ears Season 5
Eyes: Dulce Secrets - Ivy Terra Firma Eyes
Skin: Lumae - Eirtae - Tone 1 - Milk// Amalthea(at Enchantment) NEW
Hair & Head Accessory: Truth - Solace NEW
Dress: PurpleMoon Creations - Amalthea Dress - Pink (at Enchantment) NEW
Necklace: Swallow - Lock of Love Necklace (at Flower Power) NEW
Nail Polish: La Boheme - First Frost Gold
Poses: Picture This! - Hail to the Princess

Kalopsia: Stone Arch
Kalopsia: Flying Leaves - Green
a.n.c. Ltd. - Lace Curtain - Gold Bokeh White
a.n.c. Ltd. - Suger Rose Field
E.V.E Studio - Dancing Petals Dystopia in Pink, Purple, Blue & Bronze (at Flower Power) NEW

- N <3


Feb 23, 2016

- Calanthe -


Gizza released some sophisticated dresses in floral patterns for Flower Power! Today I'm showing Calanthe in Floral Leo. This texture pack includes the dress in two textures: Aqua (the one I'm wearing) and Creme! I'm a big fan of Gizza! It's one of the first stores I discovered when I first joined SL and it quickly became my favorite - and still is! Her designs and textures are amazing so I am so glad to find this dress at Flower Power to show you!  Go get it!

My cute updo is by Vanity Hair and is also available at Flower Power. Hairstyles with braids are my favorite so I'm sure I'll wear this one again! I'm also showing another Flower Power exclusive by Shakeup! In my previous posts I showed you some nail polishes for Maitreya nails so today I decided to go for their LeLutka make-up. So adorable, don't you think? I've known Shakeup! for quite some time but this is the first time I'm trying something by them. I really like this store! Their nail polishes and make-ups are so well-made. I'll definately keep my eye on this store for future releases. ;) Finally, my shoes are the exlusive Flower Power release by Salt & Pepper. Look at this adorable flower! A must-have pair! <3 The shoes are available in several colors and every pack includes a texture changin HUD for the flower and the sole. <3

Head: LeLutka - Stella
Body: Maitreya - Lara
Eyes: Dulce Secrets - Majestic Terra Firma Eyes
Ears: Mandala - Steking Ears Season 5
Skin: Glam Affair - Europa
Eyeshadow & Lipstick: Shakeup! - Petal Lips (at Flower Power) NEW
Hair: Vanity Hair - Two Flowers - Must Haves Pack (at Flower Power) NEW
Dress: Gizza - Calanthe Dress - Floral Leo Aqua (at Flower Power) NEW
Shoes: Salt & Pepper - Flowerheels (at Flower Power) NEW
Tattoo: Carol G. - Indra Black Arms Tattoo NEW
Poses: Fashiowl Poses - Freya NEW

Check the credits here.

- N <3


Feb 21, 2016

- Myr -

I'm so fascinated with the new releases by Luas for the Fantasy Gacha Carnival! Apart from the romantic & adorable Margaery gown & accessories, Luas is offering another catch: Myr Gacha, a beautiful gorean outfit with accessories! 
My crown is by Promagic and you can find it at Flower Power along with this wonderful nail polish by Shakeup! My sparkling lips by {MUA} is an exclusive release for the upcoming Jewelry & Accessory Expo which opens in a few days. Finally, don't forget to visit Enchantment! The current theme is The Last Unicorn and you can grab form there the new hairstyle I'm showing by RunAway. <3
Head: LeLutka - Stella
Body: Maitreya - Lara
Eyes: Dulce Secrets - Angelic Divine Eyes NEW
Ears: Mandala - Steking Ears Season 5
Skin: Glam Affair - Europa
Eyeshadow: alaskametro - Cleo Eyeshadow
Lipstick: {MUA} - Annamaria - Cork (soon at Jewelry & Accessory Exposition) NEW
Hair: RunAway - Amalthea - Blondes (at Enchantment) NEW
Headdress: Promagic - Sitara - Gold (at Flower Power) NEW
Top, Skirt, Collar, Bracers, Pauldrons & Staff: Luas - Myr Gacha - Blue, RARE Accessories (at The Fantasy Gacha Carnival) NEW
Nail Polish: Shakeup! - Abstract Flowers (at Flower Power) NEW
Tattoo: Carol G. - Tattoo Butterfly NEW
Poses: an lar [poses] - The Honour Series NEW

Sim: The Yorkshire Moors

- N <3

Feb 20, 2016

- Lace Lover -

Modern Couture released a beautiful gown in a floral lace pattern with a stunning flowery collar for this round of The Instruments! It's available in several pastel colors! It looks perfect with Lenity Collection, the new fantasy accessories by Pulse for Flower Power! I'm also showing some cute cosmetics from Flower Power by Veechi, Aidhona, & [MELONopolis].

Other new releases you can see here are by Ayashi, Entice & an lar [poses]



Head: LeLutka - Stella
Body: Maitreya - Lara
Hands & Feet by Slink
Ears: Mandala - Steking Ears Season 5
Eyes: Dulce Secrets - Eucalyptus Soul Eyes
Skin: Glam Affair - Europa
Eye Shadow: Veechi -  Bohemian Eyeshadow (at Flower Power) NEW
Lipstick: Aidhona -  Anima Lipstick (at Flower Power) NEW
Nail Polish: [MELONopolis] -  Pastel Ribbons - P3 Pinku (at Flower Power) NEW
Hair: Ayashi - Karin Hair (at Hairology) NEW
Tiara & Crown: Pulse - Lenity Flowers Collection - Crown & Necklace - Pink (at Flower Power) NEW
Dress: Modern Couture - Lace Lover Rose Dress (at The Instruments) NEW
Shoes: Entice - Just Dance Heels - Lace NEW
Poses: an lar [poses] - The Ira Series (at Shiny Shabby) NEW
- N <3

Feb 19, 2016

- Lace & Flowers -

Hello everyone!
It's a bit of a tough time for me as my laptop is slowing dying so I'm having a big trouble using Second Life. It's really annoying, especially now, with all these great events! Anyway, until my new desktop arrives, I'm slowly trying to get some blog posts done as I have so many things to show you. 

DS'Elles has a new skin applier for Catwa heads out and you can find it at The Black Dot Project. Flower Power is still on and rocking! Today I'm showing some awesome exclusives by Ayashi, Swallow, ZOZ, and LaRose. Finally, don't forget to go The Instruments to get this adorable outfit by PurpleMoon Creations & the shoes by BSD Design Studio!


Head: Catwa - Jessica
Body: Maitreya - Lara
Feet by Slink
Eyes: Dulce Secrets - Cornflower Soul Eyes
Skin & Make Up: DS'ELLES - Lorie - Porcelaine (Skin 4, Eyeshadow 1, Lipstick 4) (at The Black Dot Project) NEW
Lashes: DS'ELLES - Lashes for Head Catwa (Lashes 3) NEW
Hair: Ayashi - Saika Hair (at Flower Power) NEW
Outfit: PurpleMoon Creations - Jess Set (at The Instruments)
Shoes: BSD Design Studio - Supermodel Fringe Pink (at The Instruments) NEW
Necklace: Swallow - Key of Love Necklace (at Flower Power) NEW
Nail Polish: ZOZ - Acrylic Spring Purple (at Flower Power) NEW
Poses: LaRose - Magdalena Day Pose (at Flower Power) NEW
Sim: alirium

- N <3

Feb 16, 2016

- Belle -

Hello everyone!
The new round at We <3 RP has already started and La Petite Morte is offering a wonderful fantasy skin, Belle, in two skin tones. Here I'm showing Diamond! I'm also showing a couple of accessories and a pose from The Instruments. Love, romance, feeling and magic is characterizing this round! You should definately check it out!

Head: LeLutka - Stella
Body: Maitreya - Lara
Skin: La Petite Morte - Belle - Diamond (at We <3 RP) NEW
Eyes: !Chop Shop! - Lae Black (gatcha at Thrift Shop) NEW
Hair: Exxess - Truffle Hud A NEW
Necklace: #187# - Heart Necklace Black (at The Instruments) NEW
Pasties: Suki - Lucy Pasties - Black (at The Instruments) NEW
Panties: Milk Tea - Teeny Panties - Black
Tattoo: Carol G. - Tattoo Payoja Black NEW
Nail Polish: La Boheme - Let It Snow Silver
Pose: InMotion Poses - Kabuki My Love (at The Instruments) NEW

Please check the scene credits on my previous post. :)

- N <3


Feb 13, 2016

- Ever After -

I've always been intrigued by fantasy novels & movies as well as fantasy/historical costumes. This beautiful dress I'm wearing is by Luas and is available at the Fantasy Gatcha Carnival. I'm totally in love with the ethereal sleeves, the elegant gown and the cute roses. You can find it in a bunch of colors but this one is simply the best and a total must-have! I can't stop staring at my myself in it!
My updo by RunAway is just perfect for this fantasy gown & crown! You can find it at Hairology. I really feel like a princess today so to add a little more magic on the scene, I spread all over the place the new dancing petals by E.V.E Studio which are available at Flower Power! Another must-have for all fantasy lovers! They now hold a permanent place in my little parcel at Nymphai and I'll definately show them again!

Head: LeLutka - Stella
Body: Maitreya - Lara
Ears: Mandala - Steking Ears Season 5
Eyes: Dulce Secrets - Angelic Virtuous Eyes NEW
Skin: Mudskin - Mido - Pinky Pale (Skin Fleckres BL II, Shadow 9, Lips 4)
Hair: RunAway - Jill - Blondes (at Hairology) NEW
Dress & Accessories: Luas - Margaery Gatcha - Dress Cream, Crown RARE, Necklace RARE (at the Fantasy Gatcha Carnival) NEW
Poses: an lar [poses] - The Colette Series (exclusive for MIX) NEW
a.n.c. Ltd. - Lace Curtain - Gold Bokeh White
a.n.c. Ltd. - Suger Rose Field
Kalopsia - Flying Leaves - Green
E.V.E -Studio - Dancing Petals Dystopia in Pink, Purple, Blue & Bronze (at Flower Power) NEW

-N <3


Feb 11, 2016

- Spring Girl -

The Flower Power Fair is celebrating the spring coming in SL fashion! The fair is opening tomorrow and here you can have a sneak peek of some of the exclusive releases you'll find there. Honey*Soul is offering Katarina, an adorable set of pants, in several floral and spring patterns. 

I'm also featuring some accessories by {MUA}, Essenz & #187#, as well as one of the incredible nail polishes by Shakeup!, also available at Flower Power.


The landmark for Flower Power is coming soon so stay tuned!

Body: Maitreya - Lara
Ears: Mandala - Steking Ears Season 5
Eyes: Dulce Secrets - Hazel Brown Mesmerizing Eyes
Lashes: Tameless - Lashes New 36
Skin: Angelica - Miyeon - Dollfie - Peach
Hair: Ayashi - Akemi Hair (at The Gatcha Garden) NEW
Top: Milk Tea - Teeny Cosie Top - WhiteB/White
Jacket: Cila - Rosenlied Letterman Jacket - Bloom 3 NEW
Pants: Honey*Soul - Katarina (at Flower Power) NEW
Necklace: {MUA} - Jewelry - Love (at Flower Power) NEW
Shoes: Essenz - Stuttgart - Hud 1 (at Flower Power) NEW
Nail Polish: Shakeup! - Maitreya Nails Applier [Daisies] (at Flower Power) NEW
Handbag: #187# - Hippie Bus Bag Pink (at Flower Power) NEW
Poses: Fashiowl Poses - Model Adriana (at Thrift Shop) NEW

Sim: 2PM

- N <3

Feb 10, 2016

- Flower Power -

Hello everyone!
The Flower Power Fair is opening on February 12th. It's brought to you by WeDo SL Events, the same team which runs annuals fairs such as Winter Trend, Black Fashion Fair, Vintage & Cool Fair, Pastel Goth Fair, etc. The Fair is sponsored by the following brands: [ZOOM], Ayashi, Astralia, Dead Dollz, Elegance, Envogue, Essenz, Gawk!, Gizza, Identity Body Shop, K-Code, Lazybones, ME Jewelry, Meva, Mon Cheri, Purple Poses, Swallow & SYS. In the fair you'll find exlusive releases by these designers as well as by many other stores!
Flower Power was a slogan used by the hippies in the '60s and '70s as a symbol of peace, freedom and non-violence. But on this event, it is a symbol that announces the spring coming on the world of fashion. I had a sneak peak at the exlusives releases and I can tell you that the participating designers have done an amazing job! You'll find all sort of things, like apparel, hair, accessories, make-up, poses, etc. If floral patterns and flower accessories are your thing, you should definately visit this fair! It's definately my thing so I'll show you several exclusive releases in my upcoming posts! Stay tuned for more information, photos and the landmark of the fair. Also, have a look at the blog of WeDo SL Events to see more information on this fair as well as their plans for future fairs.
- N <3
Update: Flower Power is now open. You can visit it here.

Feb 9, 2016

- Objects D' Amour -

If you're not familiar with Objects D' Amour, it's totally natural because it's a brand new shopping venue! It's brought to us by the same team that runs ROMP, Second Life's elegant kink and adult shopping event. Object's D' Amour (ODA) is an adult-oriented gatcha event. You' ll find many of your favorite ROMP's creators have joined the ODA team, along with some stores that are included for the first time, like Pulse. Today I'm showing Pulse's contribution to ODA: the Devious Gatcha Collection and the Kinky Leg Strap Gatcha Collection. The ODA team have created an update and trading group. Just copy and paste  the below into your chat history to join: secondlife:///app/group/053b9e74-cfc1-14ee-ec04-ae6189aff0d9/about.

 In this post you can also find some new releases by Exxess, MUA, Glitzz, Entice, WetCat, Dark Passions as well as the Capturado Collection decor by Artisan Fantasy which was released last month for the latest round of ROMP.

Head: LeLutka - Stella
Body: Maitreya - Lara
Hands & Feet by Slink
Ears: Mandala - Steking Ears Season 5
Eyes: Dulce Secrets - Stone Mesmerizing Eyes
Skin: Glam Affair - Asia
Eyeshadow: alaskametro - Smokeshow Eyeshadow - Desert Rose
Lipstick: {MUA} - Deep - Sketch (at anyBODY) NEW
Hair: Exxess - Celina Hud A NEW
Mask & Whip: Pulse - Devious Gatcha Collection - Devious Whip/Red/RARE & Devious Mask/Black/Common (at Objects D'Amour) NEW
Leg Strap: Pulse - Kinky Leg Strap Gatcha Collection - The Kinky Stilletto Leg Strap/Red Bow/RARE (at Objects D'Amour) NEW
Top & Upper Arms Bracelets: Pulse - Punisher - Top Black & Upper Arms Bracelets (at Suicide Dollz) NEW
Panties: Glitzz - Meg Panties - Black Pack (at BombShells) NEW
Collar & Cuffs: Souzou Eien - Classic Collar & Classic Wrist Cuffs
Nail Polish: Dark Passions - Koffin Nails - Heart Breaker Gatch (at On The Boardwalk Gacha) NEW
Shoes: Entice - We Can't Stop Heels - Grays NEW

Artisan Fantasy - Capturado Collection - Padded Wall Black, Cross Red, Scrollwork, Utility Shelf, Floor Mounts) NEW
WetCat - Glance Curtain Prop (at Cosmopolitan) NEW
 - N <3

Feb 6, 2016

- Sorcery -

Fantasy events are by far my favorite shopping venues around the grid and I try to visit most of them every month to see all the new fantasy releases. RunAway is offering an adorable braid hairstyle at We <3 RP. I'm a total hair maniac and I love all kinds of hairstyles: long, short, updos, pigtails, etc. Braids are always a favorite and this one is soooo pretty! <3 Cila is rocking with some awesome fantasy releases this month! Apart from the gorgeous fairy outfit I showed you a couple of days ago, there's another fantasy outfit by Cila, available at The Fantasy Gacha Carnival: the enchanting Daenerys. Have a look at The Fantasy Collective as well. Figment has made a wonderful pair of earrings as an exclusive release! Finally, I completed today's look with a spell book pose series by Nanika for Fair Play. I truly feel like a real sorceress! Shall I put a spell on you? ;) 

Head: LeLutka - Stella
Body: Maitreya - Lara
Hands & Feet by Slink
Ears: Mandala - Steking Ears Season 5
Skin & Make-Up: Glam Affair - Ruth Applier - Europa (Skin 5, Lips 3, Eyes 3)
Eyes: Dulce Secrets - Angelic Ethereal Eyes NEW
Hair: RunAway - Mona - Ombres & Roots (at We <3 RP) NEW
Crown: May's Soul - Ave Maria Bronze - Flower Headpiece Pink
Dress & Belt: Cila - Daenerys Queen Dress - RARE 04 & Belt 01 (at the Fantasy Gacha Carnival) NEW
Earrings: Figment - Morocco Earrings (at The Fantasy Collective) NEW
Nail Polish: Hello Dave - Only By Night Gloss NEW
Book & Poses: Nanika - Pose Book of Ice (at Fair Play) NEW
Velvet Whip - Rustic Supper Table
a.n.c. Ltd. - Lace Curtain - Gold Bokeh Chocolate
Kalopsia - Flying Leaves - Green & Orange
Serenity Style - Winter Ground Cover Leaves
Serenity Style - Autumn Leafs Ground

- N <3

Feb 4, 2016

- Flower Fae -

Fairies along with elves have always been by far my favorite mythological creatures! Every time I get the chance to dress up as one in SL I'm sooo excited! As such, I was so happy when Cila released an adorable fairy outfit for the new round of Sanarae and I had to show it to you. What do you think? Isn't it the cutest fairy costume ever? I love the combination of colors: green, lilac & nude. Perfect for a flower fairy in forest during spring!
I wanted to play with these 3 colors a bit more so I used accessories and make up in these colors as well by designers like Souzou Eien, Ariskea, Entice, alaskametro, Oceane & Hello Dave. I'm also showing Elsa Hair, a new beautiful hairstyle by Opale for Tres Chic & a new set of butterfly props by Nanika for Fair Play.


Head: LeLutka - Stella
Body: Maitreya - Lara
Hands & Feet by Slink
Skin: Glam Affair - Europa
Eyeshadow: alaskametro - Matte Mist Eyeshadow Hud
Lipstick: Oceane - Fairytale Lipstick Pink
Nail Polish: Hello Dave - I Love Sweets NEW
Hair: Opale - Elsa Hair - Light Blond Pack (at Tres Chic) NEW
Hairband: Ariskea - [Darcy] Flowers Headband [Deeses of Venus]
Dress: Cila - Faey Flower - One-Piece Pattern 01 RARE & Shoulder 08 (at Sanarae) NEW
Wings: Souzou Eien - Watercolor Fae Wings
Shoes: Entice - In The Jungle Heels - Olive
Poses: Nanika - Magic Butterfly Silver Poses (at Fair Play) NEW
Sim: 2PM

- N <3