Oct 20, 2022

- Hallow Manor 2022 Additional Information -

 Hi everyone!

This is a quick post to give you some additional information on Hallow Manor. For a detailed post please check here

These are all the landmarks you will need:

Demo area

Shopping Area

Hunt Area

There is also the Prize Area but I'm not going to spoil the fun by giving you a landmark! ;p

Silly Llama Productions Social Media Links


Facebook page

Facebook group


Flickr group



Public Discord


Shopper's group / Silly Llama Update Group


Have a fantastic experience!

- N <3

Oct 19, 2022

- I Put a Spell on You -


Head: LeLutka - Gaia 

Body: Maitreya - Lara

Shape: Nuni - Gaia 

Skin: Lowen Beauty - Honey - Petal

Hair& Hat: Wasabi - Nocturne Hair (at Uber)

Dress & Pumpkin Ballon: Una Evelyn (at Salem)


Fashiowl Poses - Spells

Bricolage - Poe Reading Corner (at Hallow Manor)

MOoH! - Skeleton Chandeliers Gold (at Hallow Manor)
KrescendoMcPumpkin Set (Hunt Prize at Hallow Manor)
Mesh Entity - Ruin Abbey

Have a  look at all the MOoH! chandeliers in Hallow Manor!

- N <3

- Pumpkin Dream -



Head: LeLutka - Gaia

Body: Maitreya - Lara

Shape: Nuni - Gaia

Skin: WoW Skins - Liv - Pale

Hair: Wasabi - Raya Beret Edition

Clothes: Art&KO Farmer Set 


Fashiowl Poses - Pumpkin Dream (at Hallow Manor)

Simply Shelby - Batty Pumpkin Stacks (at Hallow Manor)

Simply Shelby - Halloween Pumpkin Post (at Hallow Manor)

JIAN - Hillside Orchard - Apple Tree

[Harshlands] - Meadow Set - Fall Tones

Have a look at the entire pose & prop series at Hallow Manor. :)

- N <3

Oct 13, 2022

- Gothic Times -


Head: LeLutka - Inez

Body: Maitreya - Lara

Shape: Nuni - Inez

Skin (Face): Lowen Beauty - Alexa - Cloudy

Skin (Body): Velour - Cloudy

Eyeshadow: Zibska Hitomi Set (at Neo Japan)

Lipstick: Zibska Sakiko Lips (at Neo Japan)

Accessories: Zibska Sakiko Makeup (at Neo Japan)

Tattoo: {Soleil et Lune} - Cursea Tattoo - Vaporwave (at Hallow Manor)

Hair: Ayashi Himeko (at Fameshed)

Dress: Una Bishi (at We <3 RP)

Pose with Pumpkin: elephante poses Bootiful Pumpkins (at The Fall-O-Ween)


Boudoir - Grim Reaper Throne (at We <3 RP)

BamPu Legacies - Cuz He! (Hunt Prize for Hallow Manor)
Saintstreet - Gothic Room Backdrop (at Hallow Manor)

- N <3

Oct 11, 2022

- The Dark Queen -


Head: LeLutka - Inez

Body: Maitreya - Lara

Shape: Nuni - Inez

Skin (Face): ::Loa:: - Aaila Skin - Dracula (at We <3 RP)

Skin (Body): Velour - Dracula

Hair: Phoenix - Rachel Hair (at Satan Inc)

Diadem: Noble Creations - Ancient Diadem

Gown: The Annex - Regina Gown - Gold 

Pose: :studiOneiro: - Deadly (soon at Hallow Manor)


3rd Eye Perceptions - Pillars of Astaria - Teleporter (soon at Hallow Manor)

Dirty Rat - Cauldron (at We <3 RP)

Konoha - Saccharum Reeds (at We <3 RP)

Serenity Style - The Crypt (at Satan Inc)

Serenity Style The Haunted Chair (Mistery Reward for Satan Inc)

Serenity Style - Outdoor Chess Board

Have a look at the fatpack pose set which you can find at Hallow Manor very soon. :)

- N <3

Oct 9, 2022

- Hallow Manor 2022 -

 Hi everyone!

The spooky season is here and what better way to celebrate it than visiting Hallow Manor! This annual event is organised by Silly Llama Productions and Bespoke.

Hallow Manor takes place from October 14 - November 1 and it is sponsored by Insomnia Angel, AERTH, JANGKA, TAOX TATTOO, Simply Shelby, ArisAris B&W, 718, Cerridwens Cauldron, Doe, Short Leash, Boutique 187, EPOCH APPAREL, DRD, DIRTY RAT, Tardfish. It's a dystopian adventure event which features creations by 100 different merchants!

Here you can find all the participating designers and you can also have a look at the shopping gallery to make your shopping experience a bit easier as well as the Hunter's Guide

I am honoured to be an offical blogger for this dystopian event so I'll be showing you several items withing the next couple of weeks. Have also a look at the rest of the official bloggers and the official flickr group so you can see a wider variety of products featured in different styles .

Some more useful information and links below:

 Date for 24 hour early access: October 13 (9am) - October 14 (9am).
        To gain early access you need to be in the Silly Llama Productions Group, the BeSpoke group, or 
        one of the sponsor groups. In these groups you will also find necessary notices and reminders and for more socialising and chats you can also join Silly Llama Squad Discord

Have a fantastic and dystopian shopping experience!

- N <3

Oct 8, 2022

- As If -



Head: LeLutka - Inez

Body: Maitreya - Lara

Shape: Nuni - Inez

Eyeshadow: Zibska Bridin Eyemakeup (at The Makeover Room

Skin (Face): Lowen Beauty - Esmeralda - Cloudy

Skin (Body): Velour Cloudy

Tattoo: REVIVER - LA ROSE ROUGE (at The Liaison Collaborative)

Hair: Ayashi - Kiaria (at Kinky Event)

Dress: {le fil cassé} - Deena Dress 

Pose: NanTra - As If (at The Liaison Collaborative)


Dreamcatcher -  Pain of a Perfectionist