Oct 5, 2013

Candy Fair: Part 3

Hello girls!
As the days pass by, I continue my way to the Candy Fair in  order to show you more items that are featured in the sweetest fair around the grid!
Today I picked up a bunch of clothes, accessories as well as some amazing furniture!
So... Let's have a look!
The divan I'm sitting on is one of Axix's contributions to the Candy Fair. You can change the color of the texture & you can use many more poses. As you see cake & candy are scattered all over it so it's a a very yummy divan!

My cute necklace & bracelet are by !Fappy, which is a new to me store. Blogging for Candy Fair has given me the opportunity to become familiar with many lovely stores that I didn't know until now!

Finally, have a look at the dresses I'm wearing. The first one is by Sassy! and the second one by Crash Republic! Both of them are mesh & absolutely fantastic!
Anyway, this post has actually made me feel a bit hungry... So, I'm going to have something to eat, probably some candy ;P
See you all soon!

Skin: JesyDream - Judith Skin - Natural (at Candy Fair, Sim 3)
Eyeshadow: JesyDream - Jesy Eyeshadow - Pink/Purple (at Candy Fair, Sim 3)
Lipstick: JesyDream - Sugar Candy Lipstick - Pink (at Candy Fair, Sim 3)
Eyes: Sweeter Than Candy - Candy Eyes 2 Aqua (free gift at Candy Fair, Sim 1)
Eyelashes: Tameless - Lashes New 29
Hair: Wasabi Pills - Sarah - Crystal Pink
Horns: Twins Fashion - Pearl Horns - Pink (at Candy Fair, Sim 3)
Dress 1: Sassy! - Candy Dress - Strawberry (at Candy Fair, Sim 2)
Dress 2: Crash Republic - Candy Plain Dress - Mint (at Candy Fair, Sim 2)
Socks: Mon Cheri - OTK Socks Hud (at Candy Fair, Sim 3)
Necklace: !Fappy - Gear Candy Necklace - Rainbow (at the Candy Fair, Sim 3)
Bracelet: !Fappy - Gear Candy Bracelets - Ranibow Rare (gatcha at the Candy Fair, Sim 3)
Couch with Poses & Props: Axix - Sweet Divan Prop (at Candy Fair, Sim 1)
Location: The Trace


Oct 4, 2013

Candy Fair: Part 2

Hello sweethearts!
Have you visited the Candy Fair yet? If no, then hurry up & tp there! The items that you can find there are sweeter than candy!
Today I'm showing this super hot & cute new release by Sakide, which is their contribution to the Candy Fairy. It's availalbe in many colors but of course I picked the pink one, since pink is my favorite color! :)
The fair is called Candy Fair, so you can imagine that there should be some real sl candy to taste! HopScotch is offering the tasty Candy Fluff, which is one of the yummiest poses I have ever used!

Hair: Tameless - Pippa - Fades
Piercings: Cute Poison - Stellar Piercing Candy Metals (at Candy Fair, Sim 1)
Top, Skirt & Shoes: Sakide - Candy Merchant Outfit - Light Pink (at Candy Fair, Sim 2)
Rings: Axix - Sweeties Rings (free gift at Candy Fair, Sim 1)
Poses & Props: HopScotch - Candy Fluff (at Candy Fair, Sim 1)
Location: Lula

Oct 3, 2013

Candy Fair: Part 1

 Hey everyone!
The Candy Fair will open in a few hours! Yay! I'm really excited about it as the theme of this fair fits my style perfectly! There are so many fine creations showcased there that I find it very difficult to leave something out! Today I picked up some of my favorite items so you can have a preview of what you can find there! :)
 I especially like my cute dress by Berries Inc. This store is new to me & I was introduced to it thanks to the Candy Fair! Their creations are really nice so make sure to visit it their booth at Candy Fair! You can find clothes, accessories & shoes!
My skin & my lipstick are by Birdy. I have known this store for quite some time now, but Mia is my first Birdy Skin & I absolutely adore her! She comes with a variety of eyebrow candy colors! I'm wearing the Lemon brows as they look great with my new hair by D!va
So... that's it for today. I'll show you more of Candy Fair later this week!
Have a nice day!

Skin & Lipstick: Birdy - Mia Skin - Pure - Lemon & Candy Lippy 5 ((at Candy Fair, Sim 3)
Eyes: Reject - Emerald Eyes
Eyelashes: Tameless Lashes New 29
Hair: D!va - Tina - Type A - Cat's Eye (at Collabor88)
Headband: Berries Inc - Candy Headband - pink chocolate (at Candy Fair, Sim 1)
Dress: Berries Inc - tooBat Ruffle Dress - Light Blue (at Candy Fair, Sim 1)
Bracelet: tea.s - Conversation Trinket - Silver - Me & You (at Candy Fair, Sim 1)
Poses: Starry Heaven - Reo (at Candy Fair, Sim 1)
Location: Happy Mood

Oct 2, 2013

Candy Fair 2013!


Hey girls!
I'm really excited because I'll be covering the Candy Fair in my next few posts! What is the Candy Fair? It's a fashion event which is created for all of us who love candy & sugar! Today is the bloggers day so I headed over there to have a look & I'm trully amazed! The sims are fantastic & there are so many designers participating! You can find clothes, poses, skins, hair, accessories, furniture! I've spent quite a few hours there, hanging around & checking out all of the cute & sweet creations. I'm going to blog many items from this event so stay tuned & visit the Candy Fair once it's open!

Oct 1, 2013

Give Me A Little Bit Of Black!

Hiya everyone!
I found these really cool  Tremor pros & poses by elephante poses & I wanted to show them dressed in black, in a black background! :) So, I picked up some of my favorite items from my inventory and... voila!

I especially love my new jewls! I adore jewls & accessories so I always look forward to get as many as I can. :) This set is by Stars! & is one of their latest releases!

Hair: Ploom - Courtney - Candy
Lingerie Set: MODA - Merletto Lingerie Set Black
Necklace & Earrings: Stars! - Alexandrite Blooms
Shoes: Chandelle - Shoe Cice #2 Black (group gift)
Poses & Ribbon: elephante poses - Tremor (at Acid Lily Gallery)

Sep 27, 2013

Boho Style

 Hello sweeties!
I'm feeling a bit tired today as I had a very busy day. However, I wanted to do a quick post to show you some must-have items!
Imeka is participating at The Seasons Story & is offering a lovely set of poses & props, My Cute Owl. This is making me feel very excited since it's adorable!!!
My Reyna Blouse & Iyana Skirt are by Leri Miles Designs & they create a perfect boho look!
Earlier this month, I suggested to visit Mother Goose's as you can find a bunch of free skins. Today I'm wearing another one of their lucky board prizes, Ulika. It's a pale skin with a smokey eyeshadow.
Finally, stop by Feeb's Rascals Sales Room & grab these adorable bracelets by Baubles!
So, that's it for today... I'm going to relax now a little bit.
See you soon!

Skin: Mother Goose's - Ulika Skin LB (lucky board prize)
Eyes: Umeboshi - Pearl Eyes - Daenerys (group gift)
Eyelashes: Tameless - Lashes New 29
Hair: D!va - Naomi - Cat's Eye (group gift)
Top: LMD - Reyna Blouse - Sky
Skirt: LMD - Iyana Skirt - Onyx
Bracelets: Baubles! - Miami Bangles (at Feeb's Rascals St. Sales Room)
Poses & Props: Imeka - My Cute Owl ( at The Seasons Story)
Location: The Trace


Sep 24, 2013

Autumn at The Trace!

 Hey girls!
How's your autumn so far? Have you put on your warm clothes yet?
In my previous post, I put on my new jacket by little bones & did my first post with a heavier outfit! However, I feel that it was not a good enough post to welcome fall so I decided to work on a new one. Today's post then, is dedicated to the new season!
For this reason, I headed off to the wonderful Trace sim which opened a while ago all brand new! The whole sim features autumn, with a few spots dedicated to Haloween. The forest, the waterfalls, the trees, everything looks so peaceful, quiet & serene. I was in a rush to do this post so I didn't have time to explore much but I'll go again as soon as possible as I need to see every single detail! I urge you to go have a look as well! It looks fantastic!
Anyway, let's move on to my look!
As I told you I wanted to celebrate autumn in this post. For this reason, I visited The Seasons Story & grabbed the Autumn Leaves poses & props by Kirin Poses.
I also put on the warm & heavy Willa Sweater & Leggings by LMD, currently featured at She & Him. It's available in plenty of colors but as expected, I picked up my favorite color, pink!
 I completed this look with a rather new hairstyle by Tameless, Crystal. Honestly, I adore her! I have a thing for long hair that fall on the front & Crystal fits perfectly this style!
Oh, & before I forget, pay a visit at Tentacio! There are many group gifts & lucky boards!

Hair: Tameless - Crystal - Naturals
Sweater & Leggings: LMD - Willa Sweater & Leggings - Pink (at She & Him)
Boots: Tentacio - Love Boots (group gift)
Poses & Props: Kirin Poses - Autumn Leaves (at The Seasons Story)
Location: The Trace