Mar 29, 2016

- Anya -

Luas is offering an outstanding dress at the new round of Fantasy Collective. Anya is comprised of a bra & a mask (which I'm not showing here) and a mesh skirt. It's a very sexy and elegant fantasy dress which looks great with fantasy tattoos, such as the new fantasy tattoo by Nanika for Secret Affair. <3 I'm showing a new Catwa applier by La Petite Morte. My Jessica head looks so sophisticated! Also, if you have a garden, make sure to visit Lost & Found to grab the new oak tree by Little Branch!

Head: Catwa - Jessica
Body: Maitreya - Lara
Ears: Mandala - Steking Ears Season 5
Eyes: Hudson's - Easter Morning 2 Eyes
Skin: La Petite Morte - Esther - Fair (at The Liaison Collaborative) NEW
Hair: Exxess - Sucre - A Hud NEW
Tiara & Earrings: Modern Couture - Avalon - Black
Tattoo: Nanika - Turtle Tattoo - Black (at The Secret Affair) NEW
Top & Skirt: Luas - Anya - Black (at The Fantasy Collective) NEW
Poses: an lar [poses] - The Garnet Series (at We <3 RP) NEW

Little Branch - Shingle Oak V2.1 (at Lost & Found) NEW
Little Branch - Daisy- Rounded Field
Little Branch Sunflowers Cluster
E.V.E. Studio - Dancing Petals Dystopia

- N <3

Mar 28, 2016

- Aesthetic Spice -

Milk Tea is offering a very sexy cabaret-style lingerie set at Whore Couture Fair which applies perfectly to mesh bodies. Lumae has new version of Eirtae skin, called Melusine at this round of Genre. Her voluptuous lips really stand out. My hairstyle is by Ayashi for Shiny Shabby. Two versions are included in the pack and I have already shown the second version here. The one I'm showing today is sexier while the other one cuter & more girly. To shoot this cabaret look I visited Lady Garden Cabaret & I'm using a pose by NanTra for Oneword.

Head: LeLutka - Stella
Body: Maitreya - Lara
Hands by Slink
Ears: Mandala - Steking Ears Season 5
Eyes: Hudsnon's - Easter Morning Marsela Red Eyes
Skin: Lumae - Eirtae - Tone 3 - Shell//Melusine (at Genre) NEW
Hair: Ayashi - Hotaru - Vesrion 1 (at Shiny Shabby) NEW
Hair Wreath: Persefona - Aurora Wreath - Red
Lingerie: Milk Tea - Aesthetic Spice - Rubies (at Whore Couture Fair) NEW
Bracelets: Tantalum - Chain Me Up Cuff Bracelets - Version 2 (at Revamped) NEW
Nail Polish: Tashi - Clover NEW
Pose & Wand: NanTra - Sleight of Hand (at Oneword) NEW

- N <3

Mar 26, 2016

- Lauren -

Hello everyone!
Honey*Soul recently released a very pretty dress which is on sale for a limited amount of time. It's an adorable dress and you can find it in several colors and patterns. Go get it! Lost & Found event is currently on and you can find a really cute hairstyle by Ayashi and a lovely pair of shoes by Luas. If you go at Sanarae you can get some cute little animals by Cila. Sooooooo cute! <3 I'm also showing some new releases by WoW Skins, Nanika & NanTra.

Head: Catwa - Jessica
Body: Maitreya - Lara
Eyes: Hudson's - Easter Morning Custard Eyes
Ears: Mandala - Steking Ears Season 5
Skin: WoW Skins - Yasmine - Milk (at Skin FairNEW
Hair: Ayashi - Anzu (at Lost & Found) NEW
Dress: Honey*Soul - Lauren NEW
Shoes: Luas - Boho Sandals - Brown (at Lost & Found) NEW
Pose 1: NanTra - Don't Stand So Close To Me (at Pose Fair) NEW
Pose 2: Nanika - Model Poses II NEW
Cute Friends: Cila - Procyonlotor Dolls (at Sanarae) NEW

Sim: Sugar Pink Café

- N <3

Mar 25, 2016

- Ruins -

Lumae is offering some wonderful skins at Skin Fair. Apart from the adorable Bare version of Eirtae, you can also find Eirtae in a fantasy skin tone, Nimbus. My tattoo by Carol G. is also available at Skin Fair. My armor is a new release by PurpleMoon Creations and it was an exclusive release for The Instruments. Unfortunately I got a bit confused with the dates and this event is over. However, no worries. It will soon be available at PurpleMoon mainstore so you can get it there! ;)

Head: LeLutka - Stella
Body: Maitreya - Lara
Eyes: !Chop Shop! - Love Me? - Black
Skin, Ears & Nail Polish: Lumae - Eirtae Fantasy - Nimbus (at Skin FairNEW
Tattoo: Carol G. - Endless Love - Black (at Skin FairNEW
Hair: Exxess - Chocolat A NEW
Armor: PurpleMoon Creations - Stark Armor - Black II NEW
Outfit: Luas - Soraya Furs - Grey
Tiara: Storybook - Harmony - Emstur
Pauldrons & Bracers: Storybook - Soleil - Argent
Pose: an lar [poses] - The Dahlia Series (at The Liaison Collaborative) NEW

Sim: Nymphai

- N <3

Mar 24, 2016

- Never Have I Ever Challenge! -

A couple of days ago, after a little break, Berry came up with a new Monday Meme which is really fun and I decided to participate. I also took a random pic to accompany it & show you some more new releases. :) It's the Never Have I Ever game where you have to answer a series of statements by admitting if you have or have never done that thing.
Below you can see Berry's questions and my own answers. I tried to be honest. ;) Feel free to leave me comments if you decide to participate so I can read your answers. :)

1. Never have I ever had sex, in Second Life. - Surprisingly, I have never! I flirt occasionally but no sex yet.

2. Never have I ever visited a sex sim, in Second Life. - I have. I think we all did at some point. I can't remember any names though as it was in my early days in Second Life.

3. Never have I ever been an escort or a stripper, in Second Life. - I was a pole dancer and a hostess in a strip & dance club in my early days of Second life where stripping was optional.

4. Never have I ever been in porn videos, in Second Life. - I haven't. I like sensual and sexy photos but I don't like to do porn videos and /or photos.

5. Never have I ever done things that may be illegal in the real world, in Second Life. - Well, I'm sure I have. Haha! Things like breaking into SL homes, sailing a yacht and flying a helicopter without a license and running over other residents. Hopefully I won't get arrested for these things! ;)

6. Never have I ever created an ALT for secret activities, in Second Life. - I haven't but there were times that I was tempted to create one.

7. Never have I ever had a one-night-stand, in Second Life. - I haven't. Gosh, I'm such a good girl!

8. Never have I ever, been part of role-play community, in Second Life. - I have. In my early Second Life days I joined the Bloodlines game and a role-play family, first as a human and then as a vampire. Are you shocked? My friends back then were! They couldn't believe that a nice and polite girl like me who dresses in pink and loves romantic dresses and flowers can be a vampire!

9. Never have I ever discovered a new fetish, because of Second Life. - I have never. Kinks yes, but no fetishes.

10. Never have I ever done things in Second Life, that I wouldn't admit to my friends or family. - Haha! Of course I have! My friends and my family do know a bit about me in Second Life but they don't need to know all the details of what I do here.


Head: Catwa - Jessica
Body: Maitreya - Lara
Eyes: Hudson's - Easter Morning Dark Custard Eyes
Ears: Mandala - Steking Ears Season 5
Skin: Enfer Sombre - Lucy Skin - Peach Tone (at Skin Fair) NEW
Hair: Ayashi - Hotaru  - Version 2 (at Shiny Shabby) NEW
Hair Accessory: Astralia - Summer Flower Hat
Lingerie: Milk Tea - Dreamer - Bubblegum (at Bombshells) NEW
Tattoo: Carol G. - Cherry Blossom Tattoo (at Skin Fair) NEW
Nail Polish: Entice - Proud Mary Nails - Crochet (at Mesh Body Addicts) NEW
Pose: Nanika - Model Poses 1 NEW

Sim: Nymphai

- N <3

Mar 22, 2016

- Wood Elf -

Hello everyone!
There's a bunch of new releases around SL either as event exclusives or mainstore releases. In this post you'll find brand new items by La Petite Morte, Carol G., Exxess, Aisha, Pulse, REACTION, Tashi, Serendipity, Figment & Little Branch. Some events you can visit are the following: Skin Fair, The Secret Affair, The Instruments, Pose Lover, Suicide Dollz, & the brand new round of Shiny Shabby.

Head: LeLutka - Stella
Body: Maitreya - Lara
Ears: Mandala - Steking Ears Season 5
Horns: Souzou Eien - Mephistopheles Horns - Dark
Hair: Exxess - Café - Hud A NEW
Skin: La Petite Morte - Minka - Peaches & Cream (at Skin Fair) NEW
Tattoo: Carol G. - Rishi Black (at Skin Fair) NEW
Tunic: Aisha - Wood Elf Tunic - Green (at The Secret Affair) NEW
Straps: Pulse - Absolution Collection - Leg Strap - Gold (at Suicide Dollz) NEW
Jewelry: REACTION - Anese Set - Green (at The Instruments) NEW
Nail Polish: Tashi - We Do Not Show (at The Instruments) NEW
Pose: Serendipity - Searching for Harmony NEW

Figment - Forest Swing (at The Secret Affair) NEW
Little Branch - Weeping Willow V2 (at Shiny Shabby) NEW
Little Branch - Daisy- Rounded Field
Little Branch - Sunflowers Cluster

- N <3

Mar 18, 2016

- Wicca's Anne -

This round of The Instruments is inspired by Game of Thrones. You'll find a lot of medieval, gorean and fantasy clothes & accessories but also poses, tattoos, etc. Here you can see Anne Gown by Wicca's Wardrobe which is available in a variety of colours.  

Don't forget that the Skin Fair is still on. Today I'm showing a lipstick by alaskametro & an eyeshadow by {MUA}.

Head: LeLutka - Stella
Body: Maitreya - Lara
Eyes: Hudson's - Easter Morning - Tangerine Eyes
Skin: Glam Affair - America
Eyeshadow: MUA - Anita - Angelcake (at Skin Fair) NEW
Lipstick: alaskametro - Cole Lipstick - Guinness(at Skin Fair) NEW
Hair: Ayashi - Kogitsu (at We <3 RP) NEW
Dress: Wicca's Wardrobe - Anne Gown - Tangerine (at The Instruments) NEW
Poses: Fashiowl Poses - Mariah (at Tres Chic) NEW

Sim: Ippos

- N <3

Mar 16, 2016

- Spring Romance -

I stopped by Gizza's a few days ago to have a look at her new collection but I also wondered around to see some not so new releases. I was immediately attracted by the beautiful & romantic Cara dress! I couldn't resist it as it's so much my style and it's perfect for spring! My skin is by WoW Skins and you'll find it at Designer Circle for their anniversary round. A real cutie!

Another venue you probably want to check out is the Pose Fair. If you're into photography, this fair is a must as you can discover lots of pose stores! Today I'm showing a new pose series by an lar [poses]. Finally, have a look at Designer Showcase. I got this pretty pair of heels by KC Couture which includes a texture-changing hud to mix and match as you like!

Head: Catwa - Jessica
Body: Maitreya - Lara
Hands & Feet by Slink
Eyes: Dulce Secrets - Storm Soul Eyes
Ears: Mandala - Steking Ears - Season 5
Skin: WoW Skins - Roxana - Milk (at Designer Circle) NEW
Hair: Elikatira - Brielle 2 - Exclusives
Dress: Gizza - Cara Dress - Crème
Shoes: KC Couture - Violet Heels (at Designer Showcase) NEW
Nail Polish: Hello Dave - Powdered Top NEW
Poses: an lar [poses] - The Georgia Series (at the Pose Fair) NEW

a.n.c. Ltd. - Lace Curtain - Setugetuka - Gold Hana
a.n.c. Ltd. - Suger Rose Field
Half-Deer - Unicorn Story - Run Free (at The Arcade) NEW
22769 [bauwerk]- Bird House in Your Soul Chair

- N <3

Mar 14, 2016

- Hippy Days at The Trace -

Hello everyone!
The Trace is one of my favorite sims for photography with long fields of flowers, a beautiful shore & some very nice buildings. Best part is that The Trace is a seasonal change sim and now it's spring time! There are tons of colorful flowers, trees, a fantastic landscape. You should definitely visit it! So, naturally, I wanted to take a photo there. :) You can see here some new releases by Luas for Chapter Four, Enfer Sombre for Skin Fair, Fashiowl Poses for Tres Chic, Entice & Pulcino. I'm also wearing a wonderful hair wreath by Bauhaus Movement. Finally, you should definitely visit Elikatira! Elika is having a huge sale and all color packs (including essentials) are priced down to 75L! It's a great opportunity to grab some hair styles! Hurry up!

Head: Catwa - Jessica
Body: Maitreya - Lara
Hands & Feet Slink
Ears: Mandala - Steking Ears Season 5
Eyes: Hudson's - Easter Morning Sea Green Eyes
Skin: enfer sombre - Crystal Skin - Peach Tone (at Skin Fair) NEW
Hair: elikatira - Nura - Essentials (SALE)
Hair Wreath: Bauhaus Movement - Yuka Headpiece - Yellow
Top & Clutch: Luas - Hippy Days - Beige Blouse & White Clutch (at Chapter Four) NEW
Pants: New Way - Jeans Skinny Blue
Shoes: Entice - Grenade Heels - Black NEW
Nail Polish: Pulcino - Printemps NEW
Pose: Fashiowl Poses - Ottoman (at Tres Chic) NEW

Sim: The Trace

- N <3

Mar 12, 2016

- Blooming Romance -

PurpleMoon Creations has a brand new jacket for you at On9! You'll find Iridescent in many bright & dark colors. Here I'm showing the green color which I matched with one of my favourite jeans by Gizza, a romantic clutch by Montony for Chapter Four & a lovely hair wreath by Ariskea. Today I'm showing another skin from the Skin Fair. It's by Lumae, a total deal and it's adorable.

I'm also showing some great home & garden items, new releases, by NanTra for The Liaison Collaborative & by anc for The Arcade. <3

Head: LeLutka - Stella
Body: Maitreya - Lara
Hands by Slink
Ears: Mandala - Steking Ears Season 5
Eyes: Hudson's - Easter Morning - Deep Moss Eyes
Skin: Lumae - Eirtae - Tone 1 - Milk// Bare (at the Skin Fair) NEW
Hair: Ayashi - Mizu Hair (at Hairology) NEW
Hair Wreath: Ariskea - [Field] Flower Headband [Rose] - Pansy Headband
Jacket: PurpleMoon Creations - Iridescent Jacket - Green (at On9) NEW
Necklace: Maxi Gossamer - Gold Heart Key Pendant
Pants: Gizza - Nico Skinny Jeans - Blossoms Green
Clutch: Montony - Suede Clutch - Peach (at Chapter Four) NEW
Shoes: Bens Boutique - Sakura Pumps NEW
Nail Polish: Hello Dave - Sugared Top NEW
Prop with Poses: NanTra - Stumped (at The Liaison Collaborative) NEW

a.n.c. Ltd. - Lace Curtain - Gold Bokeh - Chocolate
a.n.c. Ltd. - Suger Rose Field
a.n.c. Ltd. -  Happy End Park Gacha - Parasol Pink (at The Arcade) NEW
Kalopsia - Flying Leaves - Green
Half-Deer - Unicorn Story Gatcha - Lazy Day (at The Arcade) NEW
Serenity Style - Autumn Leafs Ground

- N <3

Mar 11, 2016

- Love for a Unicorn -

Lots of fairs and events are currently on and many more are starting soon. The Skin Fair is finally here! I'm a total skin addict so the Skin Fair is one of the fairs I await in great excitement every year! Today I'm featuring one of the exclusives by Enfer Sombre, Ella in Peach tone. Each tone includes appliers for Catwa, Slink Visage, Omega, Maitreya, Belleza, Slink Hands & Feet, avatar system skins, different eyebrow options & different lipsticks. Gabriel dress & accessories is the new release by Cila and you can find it at Sanarae. My staff is by Figment for the new round Oneword which is starting in few days.
I'm also giving you another early sneak-peak by an lar [poses] for the new round of The Secret Affair! The cute little unicorn is by Half-Deer and you can find it as a gatcha at The Arcade. It's a total must. Unicorns are my favorite mythological animals so I got several of them and they all keep me company in Nymphai so I decided to be a unicorn lady myself by wearing this lovely hairstyle by Ayashi. It was released last month for We <3 RP. Finally, have a look at Premium Only Event for these incredible heels by Entice!

Head: Catwa - Jessica
Body: Maitreya - Lara
Hands & Feet by Slink
Ears: Mandala - Steking Ears Season 5
Eyes: Amacci - Zenith Eyes - Mocha
Skin: Enfer Sombre - Ella Skin - Peach Tone (at Skin Fair) NEW
Hair & Horn: Ayashi - Lana Hair NEW
Dress & Accessories: Cila - Gabriel Dress - Pure RARE (at Sanarae) NEW
Shoes: Entice - Ka-Ching! Heels - Lights (at Premium Only Event) NEW
Staff: Figment - Arcanum Staff (at Oneword) NEW
Nail Polish: Hello Dave - Considered NEW
Tattoo: Carol G. - Garter Gun Flowers NEW
Poses: an lar [poses] - The Paulina Series (at The Secret Affair) NEW
Unicorn: Half-Deer - Unicorn Story gacha - Watchful (at The Arcade) NEW

Find the details here.

- N <3

Mar 9, 2016

- Noemi -

It's never too late to show you a little cutie! Luas released Noemi dresses for Shiny Shabby. They are available in several colors and patterns. Here I'm showing the Rose Floral. It's romantic, it's girly, it's floral & it's pink! I love it! Shiny Shabby will soon be over so you can go ahead and look for it at Luas mainstore. :) Also, have a look at my hairstyle! Polilla is the latest release by Truth for this round of Uber. It comes with the butterfly headband which is absolutely perfect for spring! Finally, I do hope you like the background of this photo! Spring is already here at the Ippos Collective sims so I decided to have a spring garden in my little place at Nymphai. Ever since I got my new PC, my graphics are perfect & I love decorating and taking photos! I'll be definatelly blogging home & garden items much more often from now on! :) Today I'm showing some beautiful trees by Little Branch, my favourite flower field by anc, some cute bunnies by anc and by Half-Deer (available at Collabor88) and a wonderful building by Kalopsia. Many thanks to Isabeau Baragula, owner of Kalopsia who so kindly passed me the wonderful Gipsy Shack. I really love it! Her creations are always so unique!The combination of colors is perfect and I'm so excited having it! It makes my homeland so much more beautiful! <3

Head: Catwa - Jessica
Body: Maitreya - Lara
Eyes: Dulce Secrets - Sienna Soul Eyes
Ears: Mandala - Steking Ears Season 5
Skin: WoW Skins - Hope - Milk (at Kinky Event) NEW
Hair & Hair Accessories: Truth - Polilla - Variety (at Uber) NEW
Dress: Luas - Noemi Dress - Rose Floral (at Shiny Shabby) NEW
Tattoo: Nanika - Vasanta - White (at Tres Chic) NEW
Poses: an lar [poses] - The Polly Mini Series (Gift at The Liaison Collaborative) NEW

Kalopsia - Gipsy Shack - Turquoise
a.n.c. Ltd. - Suger Rose Field
a.n.c. Ltd. - Cotton Bunny - Cappuccino
Half-Deer - Secret Garden Bunnies - Latte (at Collabor88) NEW
Little Branch - Spring Brise
Little Branch - Bradford Pear - Flowers Change
Little Branch - Bradford Pear - 4 Seasons
Little Branch - Weeping Willow

- N <3

Mar 7, 2016

- Ella of the Wings

Ella of the Wings for Sanarae, one of Milk Tea's latest releases is so adorable that I decided to spend my evening in my warm house, taking some pictures in this beauty! My romantic  hairstyle is by Ayashi, my sweet skin by WoW Skins & my flowery chocker by something.

I'm also wearing an adorable pair of bunny shoes by Pulse. They are available at the new round of On9.
Lately I'm in the mood to redecorate my cute little home at Nymphai. Here you can come see some details. I used a bunch of decorative items by Serenity Style, Kunst, Half-Deer, MALO, Dust BunnyO.M.E.N.

Head: Catwa - Jessica
Body: Maitreya - Lara
Hands & Feet by Slink
Ears: Mandala - Steking Eyes Season 5
Eyes: Dulce Secrets - Moss Soul Eyes
Skin: WoW Skins - Irene - Milk NEW
Hair: Ayashi - Chizu Hair NEW
Lingerie: Milk Tea - Ella of the Wings - Pink Dots (at Sanarae) NEW
Choker: something - Flower Lace Choker - Pink NEW
Nail Polish: Hello Dave - Deep Thoughts NEW
Shoes: Pulse - Bunny Shoes - Pink (at On9) NEW

Dust Bunny - White Winter Gacha - Periwinkle Cottage - RARE
Dust Bubby - White Winter Gacha - Ruffle Rug
Dust Bunny & OMEN - Lovebirds
Serenity Style - The Romance Vanity (at The Liaison Collaborative) NEW
kunst - Dandelion Pallete art II (gift at Shiny Shabby) NEW
MALO - Candy Jars - Blueberry, Strawberry, Citrus, Blue Hawaian, Grape, Citrus (gift at Shiny Shabby) NEW
Half-Deer - Spilled Candy Hearts

- N <3

Mar 4, 2016

- Flower Impact -

 Hello everyone! Here I am again to show you some new catches! I'm really excited because I love everything I'm showing here and I took these photos in my brand new PC! As I had told you, last month my laptop went all mad and as a result being inworld and taking photos was extremely difficult. In fact, I had planned to blog this look on Sunday, but apparently my laptop had different plans because my graphics were terrible and it was impossible to take photos. Anyway, let's get to the point. Cila released Yoko Sexy Magician dresses a couple of weeks ago as an exclusive for the Hentai Fair but since the event is over, you can now find them at her mainstore. It's a wonderfully designed mesh dress with some lace details. When it comes to Cila apparel, I usually go for Comilla's pastel colors, but in this dress, I couldn't resist this sexy and sophisticated color! I'm also wearing the Get Busy pumps by Entice (see close up below). The design and the color match perfectly this dress. It's like they were made to be worn together! <3 Also, make sure you visit Tres Chic as Nanika has some really wonderful tattoos for you. I'm really happy that Nanika has started to release tattoos as they're very unique and perfect for fantasy posts. Speaking of fantasy, Serendipity is a great store if you're looking for poses which are good for fantasy photography. It's participating in the new round of Pose Lovers with several releases. Here I'm showing Dowry pose series.
I'm also wearing an adorable skin by Glam Affair, a cute hairstyle by Exxess and a stunning headdress by Astralia which was released in February for Flower Power. I love head and hair accessories and Astralia makes some of the best ones all over the grid. I do own several but this one is one of my favorites so far. :) Last but not least, my wonderful nail polish is by ZOZ and you can find it at The Hipster Fair!

Head: LeLutka - Stella
Body: Maitreya - Lara
Ears: Mandala - Steking Ears Season 5
Eyes: Dulce Secrets - Angelic Celestial Eyes NEW
Skin: Glam Affair - Triss - Polar NEW
Hair: Exxess - Cassis - Hud A NEW
Headdress: Astralia - Flower Impact Headdress NEW
Dress: Cila - Yoko Sexy Magician - Black NEW
Tattoo: Nanika - Rose Tattoo (at Tres Chic) NEW
Nail Polish: ZOZ - Dalriada Signature Series - Hipster Black Tip (at The Hipster Fair) NEW
Shoes: Entice - Get Busy Pumps - Plum
Poses: Serendipity - Dowry (at Pose Lover) NEW

Check credits in my previous post.

- N <3