Jul 1, 2015

- FashionTropic -


Hello everyone!

July is here! A new month of endless shopping has just begun! There are many amazing releases I want to share with you this month! Some of them are simply normal new designs, released in mainstores, others are exclusives for monthly fashion venues, and others are exclusives for new events that take place throughout July.
One of these events is FashionTropic event organised by iNOVARE magazine. The event runs from 7th July to 30th. The theme is tropical fashion so you can find a variety of clothes, accessories, make-up, and decor in bright colors, summer designs and tropical patterns.
FashionTropic is sponsored is by Dead Dollz, Astralia, Lazuri, Kelini, Ghee, Moondance Boutique, Tiffany Design, and T-chelos.
Apart from these brands, a variety of other stores participate in FashionTropic event with exclusive releases.
If you haven't figured it out yet, I'm covering FashionTropic event in my blog. :) I have had a sneek peak in the releases and I can tell you that FashionTropic is a must visit venue. You can get everything you need to get you covered throughout summer. :)
Stay tuned in my blog because I'll show you a lot of exclusive releases available at FashionTropic.


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