Aug 16, 2014


 Hi everyone!
Today I prepared another look with various creations from this round of Tales of Fanasy.
May's Soul is offering the amazing Born to War as a gatcha! There are many colors available but my favorite is the blue! This outfit inspired me to do a look trying to imagine how a Nereid would look like. I was always fascinated by Ancient Greek mythology. Especially the myths concerning the gods and other immortal creatures. In Ancient Greek mythology, Nereids are sea nymphs, daughters of the ancient sea god Nereus. Apart from mythology, Nereids are also mentioned in great works of literature, such are Homer's Iliad & Odyssey. Thetis, the mother of the great warrior Achilles, Amphitrite, wife of Poseidon, and Calypso who detained Odysseus for several years in her island are only 3 of the 50 daughters of Nereus.

Skin: Hush - Summer Skin - SeaBlue - Vanilla
Eyes: Hush - SeaBlue Eyes
Lashes: Tameless - Lashes New 29
Hair: Tableau Vivant - Cheetah
Top, Thong, Cuffs, & Shoulders: May's Soul - Born to War - Metal Blue (gacha at Tales of Fantasy)
Crown: Zyn - Crown of Dark Desires (50L at Tales of Fantasy)
Hands by Slink
Nail Polish: ZOZ - Wet Polish
Scythe - Siren's Call - Scythe - Sea - RARE (gacha at Tales of Fantasy)
Pose: Ma Vie - Liquid State

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