Jan 23, 2015

- Fae -

Luas has recently released some really cute dresses for Oh My Gacha event and I was really looking forward to show them! I'm talking about the lovely Brianna you can see me wearing. I'm wearing the RARE version which includes a hud to change the color of the top, skirt and belt. Several colors are included in the hud so can mix
and match them and create many cute combinations. Another version of Brianna is available in 6 individual colors as commons. You can go ahead and visit Oh My Gacha to have a look at all of the versions of Brianna.
By the way, as you probably know, Luas has two sections: one for urban style and one for gorean and fantasy clothing. In fact, Brianna is an urban style release and my initial plan was to make a party post rather than a fantasy one.
 However, the sparkling texture and the overall design of Brianna matches perfectly with some of my favorite fantasy accessories by Cila and Sugar Button Boutique. So I tried them on and I came up with this cute fairy look. :) I do hope you like it because I really adore it!
I'm also super excited as I finally got the perfect look to show the wonderful Fae prop by Ma Vie which I have for quite some time in my inventory. You need to rezz it on your land or on a rezz-friendly sim and you can pose yourself as a fairy. :) Several poses are included, here I'm only showing 3 of them.


Last but not least, have a look at the adorable pair of shoes I'm wearing. Amarissa Heels is by ILLI and I couldn't resist their sweet desing. The cute little heart is to die for. <3 <3 Amarissa comes with a texture change hud. Obviously I picked up to show them in pink. Why? Because pink is the best color ever! <3

Skin: Chickadee - Rea - Porcelain
Eyes: Adoness - Littus - Teal Dream
Lashes: WoW Skins - Lashes 2014 - 2
Hair: Truth - Xantheanne
Mesh Body, Hands & Feet by Slink
Ears: Mandala - Fantasy Elf Ears
Dress: Luas - Brianna Dress with Hud RARE (at Oh My Gacha!)
Necklace: Buttery Toast - Jewel Rider
Stockings: Cannibelle - Candy Rain Stockings - Pink
Shoes: ILLI - Amarissa Heels
Circlet: Sugar Button Boutique - Unicorn Ferronnier - Pink Pearl - Gold (Free Gift)
Bracelet: [tea.s] - Conversation Trinket - Gold - Bite Me
Ring: [tea.s] - Kitty Ring - Gold
Wings: Cila - Cloud Wings - Babypink (Lucky Board Prize)
Magic Staff: Cila - Fountain Pen of a Pure Heart
Nail Polish: La Boheme - French Gilded Frost Color
Prop and Poses: Ma Vie - Fae Prop


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