Jan 2, 2015

- Let's Go Home -

 Hey everyone!
I hope you had a great New Year, you ate a lot of food and candy and today you're ready to get back to your daily lives. :)

Today I prepared another winter-themed look with the new Davinia Coat by Leri Miles Designs, an exclusive release for Sneak Peek. It's such a classy but at the same time cute little coat! I have it in my inventory for a few days now and I wanted to show it sooner but due to New year's, I was unable to. Anyway, better now than never. I've been a fan of LMD for quite a long time now and I have so many of her creations: clothes, shoes, accessories... I like all of them and especially some of them are in a special place in my inventory. In my opinion, the Davinia coat is one of her best releases so far. The combination of colors, the adorable belt with the bow, and the mesh layering, all add to its beauty.
Davinia is available in several color combinations. I had difficulty choosing a favorite to show but in the end, the chocolate version got my heart. <3

I also want to show you my new pets, the mother goose and her little geese babies. :) I love animals and I adore my baby dog in real life. Honestly, I couldn't imagine life without pets. :) In comparison, I couldn't imagine second life without animals to include in my photos. As such, Fashiowl Poses is a great brand as it offers a variety of cute props, some of which include animals. These geese are one of their latest releases and it's available at Four Seasons Market.
 My new skin, Grace, is by Deluxe Body Factory. Even though I've known this store for quite some time now, it's their first skin that I try on and use in my blog. The skin tone is very warm and the make-up carefully designed to give a sophisticated result. I'll soon try some more of their skins and probably show you more of them. :)

As for my sophisticated ankle boots, they are a recent release by BSD Design Studio. I have them for quite some time now as they were released in December but due to the holiday season ,I didn't have time to show them earlier. They are available in several colors, both darks and lights.

Skin: Deluxe Body Factory - Grace Skin - Exquisite Cream Xmas Make-up (WomenStuff Hunt prize)
Eyes: Adoness - Littus - Dark Hazel (at FROST)
Lashes: WoW Skins - Lashes 2014 - 2
Hair: Truth - Dasha
Coat: LMD - Davinia Coat Polka Dot Chocolate (at Sneak Peek)
Hands by Slink
Nail Polish: La Boheme - Celebration Gold
Stockings: Cannibelle - Candy Rain Stockings - Nude
Shoes: BSD Design Studio - Billionaire Baby - Beige
Geese & Poses: Fashiowl Poses - My Gooses (at Four Seasons Market)
Sheep: Half Deer - Kerfluffle Sheep - Nutmeg
Deer by Serenity Style
Falling Snow Flakes: Suddenly - Falling Snow - Heavy

Sim: Kittens Heaven

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Lutricia Roux said...

Lovely, thank you Nina <3