Jun 13, 2013

7 Deadly s(K)ins: Free Group for a Limited Time!

Oh, hi everyone!
This is a very quick post to let you know that the 7 Deadly s(K)ins group will be free for 24 hours. Normally the group has a fee to join but the designer decided to give free access to everyone for this short period of time! Let me tell you how important it is to be a member of this group. First of all, the designer is very talented so the skins are fantastic! What's more, there is a free group gift every month and from time to time there are special sales events for group members only!
If you're not familiar with 7 Deadly s(K)ins, I have posted some of their skins in my blog. You can find the links here:
P.S. The group gifts for April, May and June are already in the notices! :)
So, what are you waiting for? Hurry!!!!
Here's your taxi:

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