Jun 18, 2013

A Blissful Goodbye!

Hi everyone!
In this post I have some bad news. :(
Amutey Decuir, the talented and generous designer of Bliss Couture has decided to close the doors of her fantastic and blissful store. :( The exact closing day is not mentioned yet but she did write that there's going to be a huge closing sale and some new creations which will also be in a discounted price. What's more, she will set all of the previous group gifts out and there's going to be a last hunt. For more information you can visit her blog.
I have to admit that when I read the notecard I was shocked! I have so many pleasant memories from this store... I did my first hunt there! My very first hunt! I was relatively new to SL and I had no idea about SL fashion. At that time I didn't know about group gifts, midnight manias, lucky boards, hunts and sales. I also didn't know any designers and I had no idea where to shop or how to earn lindens. I can't remember how but one day I teleported to Bliss Couture. A hunt was taking place and a fellow second life resident who was there explained to me what a hunt is and helped me until I became familiar with it and could complete it by myself. I was so amazed with the prizes I earned! But that was not all! Some group gifts were also available! Two beautiful semi formal dresses which became my favorite items in my inventory and they still are.
To thank and honor her group members and her customers, the always generous Amutey Decuir has decided to set out this fabulous Blessing Gown as a gift for everyone! Honestly, I think that this is one of her best creations ever! The pastel pink color is so cute and I love the sparkling top and gloves.

Gown: Bliss Couture - Blessing Gown (free gift)
Earrings & Necklace: Virtual Impressions - Avril in Pink & White Diamonds
As I wrote above, Amutey Decuir has decided to set out all of her previous group gifts. For this reason, I'd like to show you this stunning dress which is one of the two group gifts I received when I first visited Bliss Couture. As I write above, I am sentimentally attached with this Sequin Dress as it was one of my first high quality items in my inventory.

Cocktail Dress: Bliss Couture - Sequin Dress (past group gift)
Sandals: GB - Stone Sandals White
I will try to post more Bliss items in the days following.
Goodbye Bliss Couture! Thank you for everything! <3
Location: Bay of Balfalas

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